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Test your survival skills

Take a dive into a survival game with quite a few features that make it somewhat enjoyable. It has everything you’d expect from a title that puts you in charge of surviving the elements. There’s something, however, to be said about the exploration aspect of this game.

An average survival experience

You are tasked with developing means of survival on their desert island; through a mix of crafting, island hopping, and just having fun, knowing that there is no endgame.

Stranded deep is an open world survival simulator set in the Pacific Ocean. You start out as a plane crash survivor stuck on an island. You are tasked with finding any way to survive; through a mix of crafting, island hopping, and just having fun, knowing that there is no real endgame.

This title is many things, and at the top of that list is a pointless grind. There are no victory conditions, but there are some achievements to work towards, helping give this simulator a sense of purpose. The most interesting achievement has to be the Mjolnir achievement, where your avatar has to be struck by lightning while holding a hammer.

Besides island hopping, users can also try their hand at underwater exploration, so that they can find rare loot in shipwrecks. These items are useful for crafting a variety of things, including a gyrocopter. Sometimes the mechanics will change slightly. There will be an endgame to work towards, and it is crafting the gyrocopter, and flying out of the archipelago that the game is set in.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The Forest, Don’t Starve Together, Minecraft, and Ark are all much better titles in the open-world survival genre. With a lack of objectives, no multiplayer mode, and a grindy feel to it, any alternative is better.

Our take

Given the state of this game, when it’s added to Steam, a massive overhaul with objectives and multiplayer mode is an area a lot of players would like to see.

Should you download it?

No. There are much better survival games out there. Stranded Deep feels too much like a heavy grind, with little reward.


  • Good textures
  • Lots to explore
  • Great crafting system


  • Low sound quality
  • Repetitive
  • No objectives

Stranded Deepfor Windows


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