Call of Duty: Warzonefor Windows



An excellent release for hardcore fans!

Call of Duty Warzone takes a different approach than popular battle royale games. With a visually stunning experience and plenty of weapon choices, it’s an action-packed adventure ride. The game brings back some of the amazing arsenal from Modern Warfare, and focuses on an impressive 150-player count. Overall, Call of Duty Warzone includes a massive, well-crafted map, which delivers high-energy firefights.

Weapon upgrades, solid visuals, and unique features!

Another amazing release in the series from Activision!

Like Call of Duty Blackout, Warzone’s comprehensive map includes various familiar locations from the series. However, everything has been designed on a larger scale. Compared to Verdansk in Warzone, the predecessors seem dwarfed. With a massive space focusing on a 150-player count, the performance on Windows PCs is impressive. While playing the game, you’ll rarely experience connectivity issues or frame drops.

Weapon upgrades and contracts

Since Call of Duty Warzone is an offshoot of Modern Warfare, all the weapons in your arsenal feel sublime. While existing players have a loadout advantage, beginners will have plenty to explore. The various modes expose your character to a wide range of weapon upgrades, randomized loadouts, and action-packed sequences.

There’s also the prospect of earning ‘cash’ with missions. This allows you to make in-app purchases and upgrade your skills and arsenal. There are various contracts visible on the minimap. Your squad can indulge in these battles to look for supplies. Each battle comes with the possibility of capturing a recon station or hunting a player.

With the bounty hunt contract, you can pinpoint an enemy’s exact location. However, the person is given ample warning and cash to defend against your onslaught. But this only happens if you’re unable to make the kill in the allotted time. These mini battles incentivize the gaming experience and break up some dull moments.

Call of Duty Warzone comes with several new ideas, trying to take the squad-based mode in a casual direction. There’s a last-standing mode, which has always been popular among fans. However, the game surprises with a new plunder mode, which requires up to thirty teams of three players to compete and collect cash.

Where can you run this program?

Call of Duty is available on Windows 10 64-bit. The minimum recommended requirements include 175 GB available storage space and 8 GB RAM.

Is there a better alternative?

When it comes to alternatives for Warzone, Counter Strike is an obvious choice. It’s a fast-paced, multiplayer FPS game, which requires teams to battle for certain objectives as counter-terrorists or terrorists. Another good choice is AssaultCube. It’s a free multiplayer, first-person shooter game, allowing you to explore realistic environments in an arcade-based setting.

Our take

Despite some concessions made in the name of audio, Call of Duty Warzone remains an enjoyable edition in the series. Without a doubt, the high-energy gameplay makes up for the lack of interesting background score.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should! Call of Duty Warzone is an excellent release, which will entice both hardcore fans and beginners. With a huge map, plenty of weapons, and various missions, there won’t be a dull moment throughout gameplay.


  • Unique features to stand out
  • Excellent plunder mode
  • Solid visual experience
  • Plenty of weapon upgrades


  • Audio is disappointing
  • Existing players have a loadout advantage

Call of Duty: Warzonefor Windows


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