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All-in-one Minecraft download launcher

TLauncher is a standalone launcher and download manager for Minecraft on Windows. You can use it to play Minecraft, as well as cherry-pick which game build, skins, and mods to download.

Versatile Minecraft mod manager

TLauncher is one of the better-known Minecraft launchers, with a wealth of options and features...but with an important caveat.

It’s fair to say that Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Although it’s now available on a range of devices and operating systems, it started as a simple browser game for Windows. TLauncher lets you play Minecraft in a similar way, in that it opens up the Java Edition of the game.

You can log-in and start a Minecraft game (any build) by clicking buttons along the bottom of the launcher. Loading TLauncher also brings up a list of game updates, as well as FAQs, mod info, and links to the official TLauncher site. It’s also possible to upgrade from the default free launcher to a Premium version, enabling HD skins, cloaks, faster downloads, no ads, and priority support.

However, TLauncher comes with a caveat: it loads a cracked version of Minecraft. Plus, it only allows local multiplayer. So, although the launcher itself is safe and isn’t technically illegal, it can allow you access to a potentially illegal piece of software.

Where can you run this program?

TLauncher runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. On Windows, it also requires Java 64x and enough memory to download/run Minecraft.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The official Minecraft launcher offers the same functionality as TLauncher, minus the legal gray area concerns. Multimc allows you to open multiple instances of the game.

Our take

TLauncher features everything you could want from a Minecraft download manager. For a free piece of software it’s packed full of features.

Should you download it?

No. Although it’s an excellent Minecraft launcher for Windows, and there’s undoubtedly a market for it, you may be best off sticking to an official download manager.


  • Full Minecraft mod support
  • Range of available game builds
  • Minimum installation time and size


  • Runs a cracked version of Minecraft
  • Can’t choose an installation path
  • Only supports local network multiplayer

TLauncherfor Windows


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