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EA takes another shot at the game

Every year, EA releases a new version with features to top the one released in the previous year. While every year, gamers decide if this year’s Madden is worth getting and which Madden version is best. So is the Madden NFL 20 any good?

Things are shaping up

Revel in the classic with new playbooks and improved strategies.

It’s the norm for the game to evolve every year. 

Senior gameplay designer Clint Oldenburg said that the team was guided by three pillars which included refining and making the gameplay all the more engaging. It was also said that the game wanted to put more emphasis on the leading players of each season which is why they released two new types of abilities: Zone and Superstar.

EA’s effort to improve the gameplay also encompasses better player motion. The football video game series also has new formations in store so you can play with more playbooks and improve strategies. As for Run-Pass-Options (RPO) you can have all your fun switching offense strategies up with over 220 choices.

Plus, we seem to be having fun playing with the pump fake maneuver you can use against defenders. Fool your opponents by double-tapping the throw-canceling command.

Gamers that are new to the series can practice with the On-field trainer. This will train both newbies and veterans to utilize the newly introduced mechanics of Madden NFL 20. 

Madden’s new face

23-year-old Patrick Mahomes II graces the game’s cover flexing his gains. The offensive player from the Kansas City Chiefs is the current MVP of the year who won with a landslide. 

Mahomes is set to have four Zone and Superstar skills. One of the game’s hottest additions is the Bazooka move which is exclusive only to the MVP. The move will let the player throw the ball as far as 80 yards.

Where can you run this program?

The game is supported by PS4, Xbox One, and the desktop. You can also play this on the desktop if you don’t have any of the gaming consoles mentioned.

Is there a better alternative?

Axis Football 2018 is a good alternative to Madden NFL 20. Although a 2019 version of this indie game is still on its way, the 2018 version of the American football simulation has its own charm.

Our take

This year’s Madden NFL game has an arcade-like play to it. We really dig the immersive experience. These features are sure to shake the fans up from the usual.

Should you download it?

Get the game especially if you’ve been a long-time fan.


  • Improved animation
  • New schemes and abilities create a more controlled gameplay
  • Good interface


  • Superstar X-Factors only apply to select players
  • Reported bugs
  • Minimal changes in Franchise mode

Program available in other languages

Madden NFL 20for Windows


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