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Multiplayer online party game

Among Us is a cross-platform multiplayer game. It places up to ten players in a spacecraft, putting them in the shoe of either crew members or the impostor. Exciting dynamics build up as everyone is trying to figure out who keeps killing crewmates on the ship.

Massively popular

Online multiplayer sessions became a go-to pastime with new and old games exploding in popularity. Massive Brawl Stars and Fall Guys streams got topped by only one title: Among Us by InnerSloth.

The premise is straightforward, with a social deduction foundation. Players become crewmates while one turns into the lone impostor. The latter has to pretend to be a part of the crew while secretly killing off other members. 

After a body gets discovered, there’s an emergency meeting. People try to gauge which of the members is the culprit, which promotes psychological trickery.

Simple gameplay

You can win a game by fulfilling one of the two objectives as a crewmate. Either complete enough tasks to prepare the ship or eject the impostor. The imposter will also sabotage the systems, so you’ll have to react quickly to undo the damage.

On the other hand, the impostor operates alone. You’ll pretend to be one of the good guys, sneaking around the ship, undermining tasks, and framing bystanders. A lot of stealth is necessary for your success.

Customization options

No two rounds are the same in Among Us. Customization options are fun to explore and add to the variety of the game. 

When it comes to the layout, there are three maps in total. The Skeld is the default, with a circular structure and little space for the impostor. The other two, Polus and Mira HQ, are much more expansive.

Despite the simple graphics, you can make your character unique through customization. Change your skin, select a costume, or add a hat to make yourself stand out.

Our take

Overall, Among Us is a well-executed, affordable game. More gameplay variety would make it even better, but what it does now is excellent, making it a must-play for any group of friends.

Should you download it?

Yes. The gameplay is fun and easy to grasp, and it leads to multiple memorable moments as you and your friends try to outsmart each other.


  • Simple gameplay mechanics
  • Engaging and immersive
  • Cute, goofy animations
  • Multiplayer flexibility with 4-10 players


  • Three maps only
  • Crewmate tasks get repetitive

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Among Usfor Windows


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