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Iconic graphics and funny dialogs

If you’ve been a fan of Undertale, Deltarune is a must-play. If you’re unfamiliar with its predecessor, it’s still easily understandable and accessible. Since it’s free, it’s absolutely worth trying!

An amazing role-playing fun game

A good choice for every video game lover

A desirable successor to the popular Undertale, Deltarune is an amazing adventure RPG. If you liked Toby Fox’s last game, you’ll be glad to know that this one meets all expectations. In fact, the first chapter is free, which gives you all the more reason to try it soon.

Released in 2015, Undertale introduced the world to creepy lore. Deltarune builds off the same setting. With numerous references to the last game and several returning characters, this game quenches the thirst of fans who’ve been waiting for the next installment in the popular series.

Since Deltarune isn’t necessarily a sequel, you can even play this one first. But if you want to truly appreciate the essence of the story, it would be better to not skip Undertale. The gameplay is fresh but still feels like it was designed for fans. In fact, before you start playing, the game asks if you’ve played Undertale.

The protagonist, Kris, faces challenges while making friends in school. When a teacher sends Kris and Susie (another student) to get an eraser, they stumble upon an underground world. Both characters team up with other personas to find their way back home. Although the world of Deltarune has a frightening setting, if you’re interested in more action, check out LISA.

The combat

During combat, you’re given choices to fight enemies by causing physical harm, convince them to spare you the trouble or run away. It’s quite different from leading competitors. While LISA requires you to desecrate everything in your path and Portal 1 or 2 lets you solve puzzles to move ahead, Deltarune is a basic turn-based system, which lets you control the storyline.

Every step you take and every approach you deem fit have an impact on the overall story. You could pacify your enemies or beat them into submission. In the typical Toby Fox fashion, the game forces you to think about the feelings behind your actions.

While in Undertale the combat was solo, Deltarune lets you fight with several characters as part of the team. With each turn, more possibilities are unlocked, providing more depth to the gameplay.

The intro sequence warns that Deltarune should be played after completing Undertale, but that’s not the case. Though there are parts of the game that only fans would understand, it’s still a standalone story with plenty of interesting takeaways. Just a few familiar faces in a completely new world!

Since the last one didn’t end on a cliffhanger, there aren’t any lingering questions. Having said that, playing Undertale before trying Deltarune just makes the entire gameplay feel better.

The story

The gameplay is unique and the story is interesting. Additionally, humorous dialogs and music let Deltarune beat all other competitors hands-down. You can’t possibly expect anything better from a one-man game development team. The original background score, using some motifs from Undertale, takes you on a journey. One which truly feels like an adventure.

While playing Deltarune, you’ll never run into annoying, loud, or repetitive music. As the story pushes forward, so does the music. It doesn’t feel intruding or imposed. The visual environment is simple with sufficient detail to inspire curiosity. With several weird-looking as well as adorable character designs, your mood will change with every scene. Whether you’re a Toby Fox fan or not, Deltarune will be a good start to enter his world.

Where can you run this program?

Deltarune: Chapter 1 was released on October 31, 2018, for macOS and Windows for free. Fox claimed that the release was the first part of a project, and promised to release new versions in the future. The game is also available for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Is there a better alternative?

Undertale has been one of the most popular games, leaving a strong impression on players. It has also been a reminder that a game’s graphics don’t necessarily determine its value. While Deltarune is an excellent choice for its gameplay, you may want to look at other games like LISA and Rakuen for better graphics.

- LISA: before you read any further, let’s just say that this one isn’t exactly kid-friendly. With amazing graphics, LISA’s world is all about sacrificing team members, letting them die, and meeting scary characters. You’ll be asked to make pretty difficult choices every step of the way.
- Portal 1 and Portal 2: if you’re a puzzle lover, this one will be a good choice. Every second of game time will be worth it. Although Portal and Undertale belong to different genres, some common elements like a captivating storyline and relatable music put them together in the same category.
- Rakuen: is another popular adventure RPG. A hospitalized boy discovers interesting stories of other patients. While solving puzzles, you explore a fantasy world to learn more about several characters. With plenty of cleverly-designed encounters and dungeons, much like Deltarune, this game will definitely test your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Our take

If you’ve been an Undertale fan, you can already expect good gameplay, graphics and music from Deltarune. Though Toby Fox hasn’t changed the basic formula, the game still looks fresh and interesting.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Deltarune is an improvement to its popular predecessor. From music and gameplay to graphics and dialogues, it’s totally a fun ride. Do play this one with the volume high!


  • Attention-grabbing story and characters
  • Expressive and detailed art
  • Great background music


  • Needs frequent save points
  • Needs some understanding of Undertale
  • Still some time before the full version is out

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