SoapUIfor Windows



Open-source testing tool

This program allows individuals or groups to test a variety of application program interfaces. These tests can be either functional or non-function. An example of a functional test would be looking at loading time, and an example of a non-functional test would be a general performance test.

Open source cross-platform testing for APIs

When SoapUI tests either an SOA or a REST it's looking at functionality, doing a general evaluation and how to increase the overall efficiency of what is being tested.

SoapUI is an online testing program used on SOA and REST. SOAs are service-oriented architectures. A type of software design where services are provided to other components in a network, using system protocols, to communicate what services need to be performed and where. REST is Representational State Transfers. In layman's terms, REST is the rules that are used for creating a web service.

When SoapUI tests either an SOA or a REST it looks at functionality, does a general evaluation and increases the efficiency of what is being tested. This program is updated regularly and results from these tests save to your server, allowing you to look at how the programs are evolving. Another cool feature of this program is that it categorizes testing results based on if it was testing a REST or a SOA.

This program, although excellent at what it does has some flaws. For simple tests, it's tedious to set up all the different parameters. The user interface also takes some getting used to, because of how complex it is. Finally, you need to buy the premium version if your working on a group project to allow people to collaborate.

Where can you run this program?

Computers using Windows, Mac, or a Linux operating system, can run this application.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes there is. Postman and Sauce Labs are two great alternatives to Soapui. Postman can simplify how to make APIs, and Sauce Labs is like this program, but it uses cloud computing.

Our take

SoapUI is useful and is an excellent tool for any developer to have in their toolbox. Although it takes some time to get used to, it's a helpful program.

Should you download it?

Yes. It is an open-source program that’s constantly evolving and enables you to run a variety of functional and non-functional tests.


  • Open-source
  • There are two million downloads
  • Effectively tests APIs


  • Uses many configuration parameters
  • Has a dated interface
  • Can be overwhelming to new users

SoapUIfor Windows


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