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Free FNF mod

Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' is a free modification available for the Friday Nights Funkin' game. The mod adds one new character, Sky, who is chasing after Boyfriend. This mod has short story and doesn't affect any other game mechanics. The Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' APK is easily downloaded and installed.

If you enjoy the Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' or want new characters, there are many great other mods to install. For example, other fun alternative mods include V.S. WHITTY and VS Shaggy. As with Vs. Sky, each of these modifications adds a new experience to the original game.

Needs the base game

Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' requires the base game to run. Friday Night Funkin' is a free action rhythm game that's fun to play. However, once you've played it entirely, the title offers minimal replayability.

Mod installation

To install the modification, you'll need to download both the mod and the original game. Once the title is installed and set up, extract the mod and move its contents to the assets folder of FNF. The modification is unlikely to mix with other mod installations and will run flawlessly.


Sky, a minor in-game persona, is interested in dating the Boyfriend. However, after failing to convince him to leave his current girlfriend, things turn for the worst. As Sky is an adorable character to many, she's a popular mod for players to install.

New story elements

Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' adds a new character chasing her ideal Boyfriend. However, Sky is rejected and begins to feel resentment towards the current girlfriend. There are two endings to discover, a funny one and a bad ending.

If you fail to achieve above 70% during the song, you'll receive a bad ending. This difficulty makes the good option a fun challenge to repeatedly attempt.

Our take

Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin' is a fun and short new addition to the base game Friday Nights Funkin'. The story told is simple but offers a small amount of humor that makes it worth playing. Aside from the new additions, the modifications don't affect the gameplay of the original title.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy playing Friday Night Funkin' and want to add a new character, this modification is a great option to install.


  • Adds new endings
  • Adds a new character to discover
  • Compelling story
  • Easy to play


  • Requires the base game to play

Vs. Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin'for Windows


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