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Nostalgic DOS emulation program

DOSBox is a DOS virtual machine that lets you run games or other software that runs on the classic OS. Like a virtual machine, the DOS software gives you control on how to emulate your programs such as its graphics and sound output.

Virtual DOS

DOSBox can recreate legacy hardware that was running native the native DOS OS.

DOSBox can recreate legacy hardware that was running native the native DOS OS. One of the notable aspects of retro games that the virtual machine can recreate is software graphics such as EGA and CGA. While SVGA is the superior display mod with its 64k of colors, many players want to play games the way they look upon their original launches such as Sega's Zaxxon and Defender of the Crown.

As the name indicates, DOSBox creates an emulated DOS environment within a modern OS like Windows 10 and Mac OS X. The software was made from C++ and is open source, which allows anyone to freely create modifications of the program.

Apart from graphics, you can also emulate the sound output hardware of the virtual machine. You can hear the original sounds and music of The Secret of Monkey Island or Doom on a Yamaha OPL2.

DOSBox can also run classic CD-based games. You can even open CD images with the virtual machine, which lets you play classic software without the physical disc or a CD drive.

No drivers and partitions required

It is important to note that DOSBOX is not an actual DOS OS. This means that you do not need to find and install drivers for legacy hardware. The virtual software will emulate the hardware for its games. You also do not need to partition part of your hard drive to install the DOS OS. With DOSBox, you can quickly set up the folder on your main drive that will act as the virtual C: drive of the virtual machine.

Where can you run this program?

DOSBox can run on most Windows platform such as Window XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. You can also find an iOS version of the program that can run on Mac computers.

Is there a better alternative?

A good alternative is FreeDos, an actual DOS OS that you can install on legacy computers. FreeDos makes it possible to play games or open software that are not compatible with DOSBox.

Our take

DOSBox makes it possible for anyone to experience running classic DOS games that cannot run on current operating systems. Using the virtual machine is also easy since you do not have to find drivers or set up a dedicated part of your hard drive for the retro software. Like other virtual machines though, DOSBox cannot open most DOS games or have compatibility issues.

Should you download it?

Yes, you can experience abandoned games of the past as well as how they would look and sound when they came out with DOSBox.


  • Virtual DOS machine
  • No drivers necessary
  • Compatible with other Google Apps
  • Virtual CD support
  • Hardware emulation


  • Not fully compatible
  • Requires typed commands

DOSBoxfor Windows


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