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RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker) - Smoother Roblox gameplay

Having a smooth and responsive game can really make a difference. This is where a tool like RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker) by StableCode comes into the picture. It’s designed to improve gaming on Roblox by letting players increase their game’s frames per second (FPS). This means making the game run smoother, which is especially useful with the newer and more powerful gaming monitors and laptops that can handle higher FPS on Windows PCs.

Improve your Roblox performance

RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker) serves as a crucial tool for Roblox enthusiasts who want to elevate their gameplay by overcoming one of the most common limitations: frame rate caps. With today's PC hardware continually evolving and the displays capable of much higher refresh rates, RoFPS unlocks new possibilities:

  • Simple User Interface: The utility features a straightforward, minimalistic interface that lets users get started immediately, without any complex setup.
  • Custom FPS Settings: Players can manually adjust the FPS limit, setting it to any number supported by their hardware, in increments of one, ensuring precision control over performance.
  • Auto Set Feature: For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, RoFPS includes an Auto Set option. This function automatically detects the best FPS setting based on the system’s capabilities and the current game requirements.
  • Real-Time Status Updates: A status bar at the bottom of the interface indicates whether the Roblox game is currently detected and if the FPS settings have been successfully applied.

All these features make RoFPS a very useful tool for enhancing your gaming experience on Roblox by making games run smoother.

Is RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker) free?

Unlike many basic software enhancements available today, RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker) is not a free tool. It is priced at $1.49 and available for purchase on the Microsoft Store. It’s important to note that while this might seem like an extra cost, the price is relatively modest considering the significant improvement it brings to the gaming experience. Additionally, the cost might vary based on your geographical location, so it's advisable to check the local pricing in your region.

While there are other free options available that promise to do similar things, RoFPS stands out with its reliable performance and ease of use, making it a good investment for dedicated Roblox players. 


  • Smoother gameplay
  • Very easy and clean interface
  • Simple installation


  • Performance issues after Roblox updates
  • Not free

Program available in other languages

RoFPS - (FPS Unlocker)for Windows


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