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Neo MAME32 - Arcade emulator

Neo MAME32, often just called MAME32, is a popular program that lets you play old arcade games on your Windows computer. It started in Japan in 1998, created by a group of expert programmers. This version builds on the original MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) by adding more features and making it easier to use. The program replicates the inside workings of arcade machines, allowing you to play many classic games at home.

What is this app for?

Neo MAME32 lets you enjoy classic arcade games from the past. It is a very fun software especially for those who love arcade games. It copies how old arcade systems work so that you can play games like Contra and Donkey Kong on your own computer. These games feel just like they did in the arcade, offering the same fun and challenges.

Here are some great things about Neo MAME32:

  • Plays Lots of Games: It supports thousands of old arcade games.
  • Easy to Use: The program has a simple interface that makes it easy to find and play games.
  • You Can Change Settings: You can tweak settings to make the games look and play better.

Neo MAME32 is perfect for anyone who loves old games or wants to try them for the first time. It brings the excitement of arcade halls right into your home, making it easy to chase high scores or revisit your favorite games.

Is this app on Mac?

Neo MAME32 is only for Windows computers. It uses a special interface designed to work well with Windows, making it easy to manage games and change settings. This setup helps make sure the program runs smoothly and works well.

If you use a Mac, you might be able to use the basic version of MAME, but it doesn’t have the same easy-to-use interface and might need extra steps to get it working. Mac users might need to find different programs or use tools that let them run Windows programs if they want to use Neo MAME32.

Neo MAME32 makes it easy and fun to play old arcade games on Windows computers. Mac users will have to look for other ways to play these classic games.


  • Free to use


  • Only for Windows

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Neo MAME32for Windows


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