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Even smart gamers can use a boost

Don’t suffer slowdown. Game faster with a game booster.

Zap away slow system performance

Score big with a system boosting game booster. Free up space and end the lag.

Razer Cortex is a free game booster. Do you play games and want to speed up your system? What gamer wouldn’t want a smooth gaming experience? Razer Cortex scans your system and looks for ways to improve it.

You will need to create a Razer Cortex profile and verify your email address before you can install the program. After that, the application will get to work, digging deep into your computer. Like your mother-in-law, it’s looking for problems. A progress bar will let you know where it’s at in the process.

Once the scan is complete, a new window will reveal your space-saving options. Game Booster has four tabs: Specials, Process, Services, and Non-Windows Services.

Using Razer Cortex

The Specials tab includes menu items like clear clipboard and get rid of unused saves. You can clean RAM as a way to help increase your physical memory. Or, turn off auto updates to stop game interruptions.

The Processes tab focuses on the programs running in the background. Sometimes, a program is always “on” when it doesn’t need to be. For example, when you are playing a game, you may not want your web browser or antivirus program to run in the background. Those programs eat up resources. Updates can cause a game to lag or crash.

The Services tab includes applications your computer needs to perform. Some services aid in enhancing your computing experience while others cache data. There are a variety of services working together to help your computer perform its functions. Razer Cortex examines these services to see if they are essential tasks while you are gaming.

The Non-Windows Services tab includes a slew of items often from third-parties. These include your smartphone’s hardware management and your automatic updates for document editing tools.

You don’t need to know what each term means or how it plays out and affects your gaming before using this software. There is a brief sentence highlighting the main point of each item.

All you need to know is that each of the checked items is a potential (and recommended) way to speed up your system by turning off unnecessary items during game load.

Choose your game boosting weapon

Your computer has a set amount of memory it can devote to a task. When too many things are happening at once, such as gaming, and a web browser open, and an antivirus program updating, and a chat message popping up, you will experience choppy game play or worse.

Real life power-ups

Razer Cortex provides the recommendations to speed up your game so you can quit the guessing game. It’s a hands-off process.

You don't need to check any boxes. Razer Cortex seeks out unneeded programs and junk files, and any other items you don’t need to use while gaming. This video game booster then auto checks the boxes it believes will make the biggest impact on your system.

If you checked a box or two you shouldn’t have, you can click “Recommended Settings” to revert back to where you were. The system will alert you of any ill-advised checks before you click “Boost.”

Are you finished? Don’t forget to close your browser window so the program can get to work and clean it all.

Allow the system to make the change and view the space saved in the upper left-hand corner. If you don’t want to keep the changes, you can tap “Restore Now” at any time.

Kick things up a notch

Does the online music-streaming jam end when your game loads? You can keep your tunes going as long as you do if you use custom configuration. You can decide what apps should remain open and what apps need to close when you start up your favorite games.

Find the option under your Services and Non-Window Services tabs.

Razer Cortex is more than a game booster. It can help speed up your system for non-game applications. Work or play, you can enjoy a step up in performance across the board.

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Where can you run this program?

You’ll need Windows 7, 8, or 10. You will also need to create a profile through the Razer Cortex site during the download process.

Is there a better alternative?

Wise Game Booster and MZ Game Accelerator are two other popular game boosters. Both programs offer optimization suggestions and one-click scans. Wise Game Booster and Razer Cortex bear a resemblance to each other. Both have a similar main screen and a game library so you can access all your games from one place.

MZ Game Accelerator is the more simple program of the lot. It’s a wise choice for anyone on an older machine who needs a lightweight option.

Our take

Razer Cortex is the fuss-free answer to cleaning up computers and freeing up systems. With the tap of a button, and a little know-how, you can customize the program's recommendations to fit your performance needs.

Should I download it?

Yes, give this free game booster a go. Clear up the space you need to run your game (and your non-gaming applications) without the interruptions.


  • Optimizes system performance
  • Play Internet-based games without the lag
  • Lightweight package won’t slow you down more
  • Stores all your games in one place
  • Compatible with Steam and Origin


  • Vague scan lists
  • Doesn’t always make a performance difference
  • Unrelated content on the main page adds clutter

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Razer Cortexfor Windows

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