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Share data between devices fast and for free with is a user-friendly and fast application that allows users to share files between devices without needing to use cellular data. The application is available for use on multiple platforms and offers a good alternative to other file-sharing applications. Applications that are similar to include Zapya and Teracopy.

Transfer files easily is a simple file sharing application that makes it possible to share large files between devices without the need to use expensive cellular data connections. The application works on most devices and is compatible with most operating systems.

Supports multiple networks works with your devices wireless LAN connection to share files. This means that devices that are connected to the same network can share files with each other directly. can also be used with mobile hotspots when there is no other available Wi-Fi connection.

Our take allows users to share almost any file type via the application. There are no restrictions on file sizes either, so the application can be used to share larger files with other users. The app also cuts down on data costs since it can share files without needing to use a cellular data connection. All of these features make a great way to share files.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should. makes it possible to easily share files between computers and mobile phones or tablets. This is a good feature for developers and other power users who frequently need to share files between devices since it doesn't require any special drivers and/or cables to work.


  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • Can be used to transfer large files without using expensive data.
  • Can be used by both experienced and novice users.
  • Compatible with a large range of operating systems and devices.


  • Data transfer speeds can be slow on certain networks.
  • No clear instructions / help file available.
  • Consumes large amounts of battery power when being used.
  • The application is not available in all countries.

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SHARE.itfor Windows


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