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Free ADB installer

ADB Driver Installer is a free way to download and install various Android drivers onto your Windows computer. This software is an excellent tool if you frequently connect your mobile device to your computer. However, you will need a bit of experience before installing and operating the drivers.

Quick to download

ADB Driver Installer is a quick application to download. The whole process takes less than ten minutes, depending on your internet speed, and often can finish setting up in a matter of seconds. Being a quick download is a great benefit as you won’t wait hours for the tool to finish downloading before you can use it.

Once downloaded, the software is a quick installation before your ADB driver is readily available on your computer. Checking your task manager or program list will verify the installation and offer the option to uninstall the program. Downloading the software is the easiest way to get ADB drivers on your computer.

Install Android drivers

The only reason to download ADB Driver Installer is for the access to Android drivers. The wide variety available is excellent for almost all skill levels as more elaborate items include support and instructions. You’ll find items available for Android systems known in Nokia phones to files found in Sony’s devices.

Step-by-step instructions

The primary Android drivers available offer step-by-step instructions for downloading and installation once the software is ready to use. There are other options included like technical support access for the more in-depth features. Unfortunately, to make the most of ADB Driver Installer, you’ll need specialized experience.

All Windows versions

ADB Driver Installer is available for almost all Windows versions. Additionally, as you decide which drivers to install, you’re able to choose the Windows version to download. This versatility means you can work on any computer while accessing your Android device.

Our take

ADB Driver Installer is a great way to download and access various Android drivers. Alternatively, Universal ADB Driver offers the same functionality, while Snappy Driver Installer is a great option for desktop drivers. The software is storable on a USB device for easy transport. If you’re looking for Bluetooth installers, you can try Bluetooth Driver Installer.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need an Android driver, downloading ADB Driver Installer is a great way to find the right files.


  • Installs a specified driver
  • Works with older Windows versions


  • Limited technical support when needed
  • Requires experience

Program available in other languages

ADB Driver Installerfor Windows


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