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Video utility extensions

HEVC Video Extensions is a Windows utility software created by Microsoft Corporation. The software allows your computer to read HEVC (high-efficiency video coding) videos. It also lets you select the video player you want to play the video file from. This software is helpful because Microsoft doesn’t include official codecs for free; they charge for them. 

High-efficiency video coding

You can install the HEVC software on the Windows PC. Once that’s done, you can view HEIC files, either in a media player or directly in Photos. 

HEVC makes use of the more recent hardware capabilities; this includes PCs with a newer GPU and 7th generation core processor so that they can support Ultra HD and 4K content. For PCs that don’t have the support needed for HEVC videos, there’s software support provided. However, the playback quality might not be great. You can encode HEVC content on your devices that don’t come with hardware-based video encoders.

Alternative platforms for HEVC

If you’re running a VLC media player or Windows media player, you don’t have to worry about getting an HEVC video extender. With software like these alternatives, HEVC video extensions can enhance visuals and video playback. It’s also a must-have for people with smart TVs and TVs with a high-resolution display that lets you enjoy movies in HD.  

How to install the HEVC video extensions

Downloading and installing the software on your PC is easy to do. Search for the package name in the Microsoft Store and download and install the software using the Windows installation wizard.  

Our take

The overall performance of the software is excellent, and it does as it promises.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a video extender, then this is an excellent app for you.


  • Minimal system requirements
  • High-quality visuals and video playback
  • Can read all HEVC file
  • Easy installation process
  • Works well with Windows computers and smart TVs


  • Requires GPU compatibility
  • Playback can be inconsistent
  • Only supported on Windows 10
  • Limited functionality

HEVC Video Extensionsfor Windows


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