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KingoRoot is a free application for your Windows computer that lets you connect a mobile device for rooting. Once you’ve rooted your phone, you have access to more features and better options. This is a great way to remove preinstalled bloatware and improve your device’s performance.

Root any Android device

KingoRoot allows you to root almost any Android device after connecting it to your computer. The application is safe to use and won’t install any viruses or malicious software on your computer or mobile phone. 

However, rooting your Android voids the warranty. While there are security concerns, there are also many benefits that enhance your customization options. 

Quick and simple

Using KingoRoot takes a few moments from start to finish. Before running the application, you’ll need to connect your phone to your Windows PC through a USB cable. The driver required for your model of the phone will begin downloading once connected.

Before you begin, you should allow USB debugging on your mobile device from the settings menu. Once everything is ready, clicking ‘root’ will begin installing the necessary files. You should not remove the cable or interfere until the process finishes.

Mastery over your phone

Having a rooted device offers many more features than what's currently available on your default Android operating system. You can customize the interface, install root-required apps, and remove unwanted applications, even those apps that were previously untouchable. Additionally, you can block any ads on your device and install newer operating systems.

Improved performance

Along with customization options, using KingoRoot to root your device improves its performance. By removing unwanted files and unnecessary apps, you’ll increase space, battery life and speed up your phone. Using this option to speed up your phone has its risks but is a superior alternative to constantly clearing your cache.

Our take

KingoRoot on your PC is a great way to root your Android phone safely and quickly. If you’re having issues with Kingo, you can try KingRoot or iRoot as alternatives. However, KingoRoot is a great application for safely rooting your mobile phone without corrupting its operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a safe and straightforward way to root your Android phone, installing KingoRoot on your PC is a great option.


  • Root any Android device from your computer
  • Also available for your Android device
  • Works quickly


  • Will void your phone’s warranty

KingoRootfor Windows


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