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Seesaw Class is a digital portfolio tool that lets students send and store their work on an online platform for evaluation and feedback. On the teachers’ side, it assists in digital learning supervision tasks. The parents can track their children’s progress on this full-featured educational app.

Three-in-one approach

This platform is all about interactivity. Its tools help teachers, students, and family members approach the learning process. The app is quite user-friendly, ensuring that all three groups make the most of the available tools. It’s flexible, too, being able to run across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. 

Students and teachers use the same platform to exchange tasks, questions, and instructions. Classmates can view each other’s work if the instructor allows it, but parents get a separate app for tracking progress without intruding upon the privacy of others. 

Packed with useful content

Learners using Seesaw Class have numerous creative tools at their disposal for solving issues posed by their instructors. While what they submit ultimately depends on the school requirements, Seesaw supports photos, videos, notes, and drawings in journals, giving children the freedom to pick the medium they feel best represents their understanding of the material.

Teachers can take advantage of assignment setting tools that leave a lot of room for templates and instructions. It’s also a time-saver, offering tons of lesson activities for them to use as-is or modify to match their class.

Highly convenient

This platform promotes communication much more intuitively than Google Classroom, for example. Teachers can leave personalized feedback on the entire portfolio or individual tasks in the form of edits, voice notes, writing, and links. 

It’s easy for students to navigate and track progress, too, with crisp and brightly-colored widget-like tools. Plus, Seesaw has a 50-language interface, making it possible to use in multiple countries worldwide.

Our take

Overall, Seesaw is a fantastic solution for any e-learning environment, and it can also help with homework in physical classrooms. It’s helpful for teachers, students, and parents, ensuring everybody is kept in the loop and on top of the entire education process. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If your child or class has to tackle many activities at home, this app is an efficient time-saver and communication-booster.


  • Well-designed user interface
  • Creative portfolio creation tools
  • Versatile functionalities for teachers
  • Parent progress tracking app


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    Seesaw Classfor Android


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