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Seesaw Class is an educational platform with a slick, intuitive interface. It connects teachers, students, and families, empowering all three groups to take more active roles in the learning process. The available tools facilitate task assignment and performance evaluation, providing insight into each learner’s work.

For students

Students that use Seesaw Class can build digital portfolios for themselves that showcase their performance on various subjects. The functionalities are easy to find and use, leaving a lot of room for self-expression and creativity. 

Learners submit journals that display their understanding of teaching materials. Writing, drawing, video, photos, and notes are all available, as long as the teacher allows it. They can also view the work of their classmates and receive in-depth feedback for progress tracking.

The platform features cross-device capability, running on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The portability and convenience promote the restriction-free approach to learning.

For teachers

Teachers use the platform to assign tasks, add instructions, tutorials, and templates. They can import pre-made materials or take advantage of the massive library of lesson activities already available in-app.

Instructors can also give students feedback with the use of Seesaw Class. Available options include editing work, leaving written or voice notes, and linking other sources that could be useful for future tasks. 

There is not a lot of paperwork involved because the app is free for individual lecturers. Alternatively, a school can opt to purchase the Premium version that expands the app capabilities.

For parents

Seesaw helps parents stay on top of their children’s learning process, too. The family can’t access the same platform as teachers and their classes, though. That way, the privacy of other students stays a priority. 

Parents instead download a separate app that connects with Seesaw Class, showing student progress. Authorized family members can leave encouraging comments and communicate with teachers, too.

Our take

Overall, Seesaw Class is among the best solutions for remote learning available in the market today. It beats Google Classroom, Remind: School Communication, and other prominent competitors with its intuitive, interaction-first approach.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a fantastic solution for digital learning situations, and it helps with homework-heavy class loads. Even if you will only use it during the holidays, it boosts engagement and communication among teachers, students, and parents.


  • Revolves around communication
  • Safe and intuitive platform
  • Creative tools for students
  • Many resources for teachers


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