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Libby makes reading fun

Libby is a user-friendly version of the OverDrive app that lets you borrow eBooks or audiobooks from your local library. The software also provides additional functions to improve the experience such as adjustable font sizes.

Digital public library

Unlock a world of non-stop learning in whichever format you please.

The premise of Libby is to act as a gateway where you can borrow digital content from a public library. You can enjoy your favorite book through your phone without having to walk or travel to the nearest library.

These books come in the form of eBook or audiobook. The certain library even provides graphic novels, comics, or picture books that come with an audio narrator. Every digital content on Libby is free to read or listen to for a certain period. One thing to note, you will need an active library card to use Libby. 

Take note that the available digital books depend on the library itself. You might not find an eBook for Aurora Rising or Pet Sematary even if a library has a physical copy for both books.

Accessibility and organization options

Libby’s interface allows anyone to enjoy their book. This includes an adjustable font size to make the text readable from a certain distance making it easier for people to read. The app even has an adjustable audio speed for any audiobooks, which can help anyone digest the information they hear.

The app also lets you create a wishlist and include tags to your books. This makes it easy to browse and borrow the specific content you want to borrow.

Borrowing period

The keyword when it comes to using Libby is ‘borrowing’. The app is not the ‘Netflix’ of audiobooks or eBooks from your local library where everyone has access to specific content at the same time.

Instead, all digital content is available for one person at a time only. Much like a physical book, you need to join the waiting line if you want to read a specific book. Do not be surprised to see a long wait time of more than a couple of months for a popular book from a large library within a city.

Once you finally have a book in your account, you only have one to three weeks to read it before the system automatically returns it for you. This functionality really holds up well for people who tend to be forgetful or not have the time to keep track of what they’ve borrowed. It works well with the main purpose of this app. 

Where can you run this program?

Libby is available on older Android devices that are running on the 4.4 OS version or better. An Apple version is also available and is compatible with iPhones or other devices with the iOS 9.0.

Is there a better alternative?

Hoopla is a similar app to Libby that also lets you borrow movies, TV shows, and music as well. You also need a library card to use this app. Once registered, its simple interface will allow you to navigate and explore its collections.

Our take

Taking the availability of books and loan period out of the equation, Libby comes through with its digital content platform. This is thanks to the app’s interface, accessibility options, and other features. Much of its shortcomings you’ll experience will come down to what library you are borrowing from. 

Should you download it?

?Yes, Libby lets you read eBooks or listen to audiobooks without paying for anything as long as you have a library card. It’s worth installing the app to your phone because it's one way to consume media without meddling with piracy.


  • Diverse eBooks and audiobook library
  • Connect to multiple libraries
  • All-device sync feature


  • Long wait time
  • Short loan period
  • No movies and videos

Program available in other languages

Libby, by OverDrivefor Android


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