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Bypass FRP Lockfor Android



Free Google FRP bypass app

Bypass FRP Lock is a free Android app created by Techeligible that lets you bypass the Google Factory Reset Protection system on your mobile device. Even with Google Play, it prevents anyone that may have stolen your phone from wiping your data and files clean. While most FRP bypass solutions are for Windows, this app is one of the few you’ll find for various Android smartphones.

What is Google FRP?

Google FRP protects mobile devices from having information stolen during theft or hacking. If someone attempts a factory reset or enters an incorrect Google account password too often, the system will lock the device until the owner enters the account password. However, it can also lock if you’ve forgotten your password and had too many attempts trying to unlock it.

What is Bypass FRP Lock by Techeligible?

Techeligible created ByPass Lock for Android devices to help owners unlock their phones once Google FRP kicks in. The smartphone is rendered useless until you can access it again, which is why this app is so handy. While there are many similar products on the market, such as Pangu FRP Bypass APK and UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant, very few have this app’s advanced capabilities.

Bypass FRP tools and features

While the app is predominantly used for bypassing Google FRP, there are many handy tools and features for you to enjoy:

  • Fast functionality: The app works quickly so that you don’t have to wait
  • Easy-to-use: There are no complication instructions, so even beginners will be able to use it
  • Multiple device support: You’ll find the program able to open several devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, and LG
  • Can operate alone: You don’t need to add a third-party application for Bypass FRP lock to work

Our take

Bypass FRP lock is an extremely useful tool for Android owners who can’t access their devices. While you may be limited in some features, it does what it was designed to do: unlock your phone during FRP. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have an Android phone and suffer from password memory loss.


  • Useful for when you forget passwords
  • Protects your files and data
  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Doesn’t need other software support


  • Limited functions

Bypass FRP Lockfor Android


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