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TED for Android is the free official application of the nonprofit video-driven organization known for its ‘TED Talks.’ The application lets users browse and explore thousands of inspirational speeches shot at TED conferences. Topics of the speeches range from sociology, technology, entertainment, science, design, and more. The talks feature prominent speakers, including Bill Gates, James Cameron, Julian Assange, Sting, Elon Musk, Jamie Oliver, and more.

Live conversations featuring experts

Download, watch, or listen to thousands of talks from speakers around the world!

Going by its tag line, ‘Ideas worth spreading,’ TED offers a collection of over three thousand videos by speakers from around the world. While most of the talks last somewhere around 20 minutes, they offer content that is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

Technology, entertainment, and design, that’s what TED stands for! It conducts yearly conferences that cover these topics along with others like motivation, psychology, politics, health, art, etc. Moreover, users can access these talks in over 110 subtitle languages.

Explore topics, playlists, and podcasts

TED’s free Android app offers an amalgamation of talks segregated by topic types, speakers, and subtitle languages. Users only need to download the app to get exploring. Videos are displayed via three segments - new, trending, and most-viewed, for easy reference.

The app also offers users easy access to various podcasts and numerous playlists consisting of videos talking about a single topic. For instance, a trending playlist on the app consists of 15 talks on the topic ‘How to get into a work-from-home mindset.’

Once logged in, users get access to the ‘My Ted’ section, which consists of talks that you like, previously watched videos, your lists, and more. The app also lets users download unlimited video conferences free of charge. Users also have an option to clear search and watch history.

Where can you run this program?

Users can run this application on their Android devices. The TED app is also available to iOS and smart TV users. Moreover, you can watch videos on the app without logging or signing up first. The app is also completely free to download and use!

Is there a better alternative?

There aren’t any similar Android applications like TED. However, you may want to check out talks on Youtube’s Android application and subscribe to content creators. Moreover, if you’re looking for podcasts, you can find some great ones on Spotify.

Our take

TED brings together some of the best ideas in the world right into the palm of your hands. If you have the time, you can learn new things happening in the space of technology, human psychology, the animal kingdom, science, astronomy, entertainment, film, and a lot more! The unique and straightforward design of the app ensures you get easy access to videos, topics, podcasts, speakers, playlists, and translations.

Should you download it?

In case you’re looking to deepen your knowledge about essential topics, you should download the TED app. It’s brimming with ideas from the world’s greatest speakers and dreamers.


  • Free videos covering various topics
  • Simple and clean UX
  • Offers download functionality


  • Time consuming application

Program available in other languages

TEDfor Android


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