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Turn your phone’s camera into a telescope

SkyView is a popular stargazing app that turns your Android smartphone’s camera into a telescope. You only need to point the camera at the sky, and the application automatically identifies stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies. Additionally, Sky View Free lets you identify satellites like the ISS or the Hubble. A simple touch on the screen gives important information, such as distance from the Earth, radius, name, etc.

The perfect Android app for stargazing

SkyView Free is available for both Android and iOS devices. The application is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and doesn’t charge a payment or subscription. Sky View Android is the perfect choice to explore celestial bodies in the sky. Since you can discover facts, coordinates, time, and other information, it has been popular as a learning tool. With this program, you can turn a simple stargazing experience into an educational venture.

What features are there?

While using Sky View Free, the stargazing experience primarily begins with the application’s intuitive and simple interface. Once you launch the app on your device, you can either manually set the location or let the phone’s GPS pick up your coordinates automatically. This lets the app use a powerful sky-mapping system to capture all the details about stars, galaxies, constellations, and other celestial bodies.

The most interesting way to use the stargazing app is by activating the Augmented Reality mode. For most devices, this will be the standard mode of operation. This simply means that SkyView Free will overlay the visual information captured from the camera with a GPS-centered database. The result is mesmerizing, as it showcases astronomy-focused diagrams and images.

How to use Sky View Free?

Like Sky Map and Google Earth, Sky View app is easy to use. Once you install the program on your device, it requests some simple permissions, including access to your location and camera. The application then walks you through a range of functions. It also helps you calibrate the device so you receive factual data. 

On opening the app, you can notice the night sky layered on top of the surroundings. It’s worth mentioning that Sky View free can be used in nighttime as well as in the day. On rotating the cursor over a constellation, the app draws an image to connect the stars. A simple tap gives detailed information about everything you see on the screen.

Apart from watching the night sky from the device’s camera, Sky View app also lets you explore time. You can easily identify the line that a celestial object follows. Additionally, you can get information about its exact position at a certain moment in time. Most importantly, the app doesn’t need GPS or Wi-Fi to work perfectly.

Can you personalize the settings?

SkyView free lets you customize various adjustments inside the application. These settings determine the number and size of celestial bodies appearing on the screen. From this section, you can even capture photos or videos, turn off music, and notice different star trajectories.

The stargazing app comes with a calendar feature, which tells you where a celestial object will be at a given time or date. The night mode makes things red and lets you achieve precise details with ease, especially in the dark.

What about the graphics?

Graphics are the strongest point in this application. Sky View Android helps you accurately determine orbits, stars in a constellation, and other factual information about the objects on the screen. Sky View free supports interactive imagery for constellations, which looks mesmerizing and depicts various celestial bodies in the sky. If you’re using the latest version of Android with AR support, you can expect to be amazed by the picture quality.

Our take

Sky View app is an interesting choice for fans of astronomy and outer space. It not only ensures hours of fun, but acts as a good learning tool. With visually appealing images, intuitive design, and loads of information about the objects in sky, this Android app is an excellent choice.

Should you download it?

These days, you can choose from multiple apps designed for stargazers. However, a lot of them fall short of the claims and promises. Sky View Android, however, doesn’t disappoint.

 The application supports good graphics, music, facts, and every other feature you need in a stargazing app. Without a doubt, SkyView free will prove to be a good choice for your smartphone.


  • Comes with great graphics
  • Discovers coordinates and time
  • Provides factual information
  • Finds stars accurately


  • Stars can be hard to find

Program available in other languages

SkyView Freefor Android


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