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A word processor for authors

Scrivener is a tool for writers that allows them to brainstorm ideas and scribble down thoughts electronically.

Not your typical word processing software

Type, brainstorm ideas and pull your writing together with Scrivener. It’s more than just a word processor, as it offers powerful tools to help you on your creative journey.

Scrivener is a typewriter, ring binder and scrapbook. Scribble down notes for an essay. Make a plan for a novel. Just let your creativity flow and see where it takes you.

This program differs from other writing tools because it doesn’t focus so much on appearance. You can still choose fonts and colours, but Scrivener allows you to choose styles to format your text.

Practice flexibility in your work before sending it off to publishers or editors by creating the framework for your finished piece. Create a rough plan for your work and polish it off after. Formatting has never been so easy.

Although you can still choose font type and colour, Scrivener emphasises the creative side of writing. It gives you suggestions as you type, so you never run out of ideas. Use the toolbar to look for more words or themes based on what you’ve written. Explore ideas and keep the creative juices flowing.

Work on your project wherever you are. The software has cross-platform functionality, so you can write your ideas down when inspiration hits.

Scrivener shares many common features with other word processors. The interface is similar to other programs that you’ve probably used before so that you can get started right away.

A pitfall to the software, however, is that it can be tricky to use. It has many complicated features, especially when switching between different document layouts. To make the most of it, a significant amount of time learning the software is important. Watch some of the videos that are available on the Scrivener website and familiarise yourself with the program.

Where can you run this program?

This software can be run on Windows and macOS on desktop. On mobile and tablet, it is supported on iOS, Windows and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

Scrivener is a well-designed software that enables you to push your creativity to the limit. If you are looking for something free, however, Manuscripts is a good alternative.

Our take

This software offers unique tools that allow for a better writing experience. It collates every tool a writer could need in digital form and lets you work from your phone too.

Should you download it?

If you plan on writing a lot, definitely download it. The features will enhance your work and allow for better creativity. However, the tools can be complicated to use, so download Scrivener if you’re happy to work with digital tools.


  • Unique features
  • Scrapbook function
  • Cross-platform


  • Tricky to use
  • Steep learning curve
  • Finicky cloud functionality

Program available in other languages

Scrivenerfor Windows


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