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The Fitbit app is a tracker that serves as a companion to the company’s various wearable fitness bands and smartwatches. It lets you follow your progress across various areas, from physical activity to diet and sleep patterns. Additional features and insight you receive further facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Track your health

Like Google’s Wear OS, Apple’s Activity, and Samsung's Galaxy Wearable, the Fitbit mobile app serves as an extension of your fitness band. The wearable device tracks your step count, heart rate, calorie burn, and other physical indicators. 

However, you can’t comprehensively review its data without a more developed interface. The app provides help, acting as a database that stores all the gathered info for easy access. It also sprinkles in some extras, such as meal tracking, nutrition programs, meditation, and workout videos.

All-encompassing features

This tool considers all aspects of leading a healthy life. When it comes to fitness, it counts your steps and active minutes, showing you how many calories you burned. 

The sleep tools include goal setting, bedtime reminders, and analytics to gauge how well you’re resting and how to improve.

The nutrition-related functionalities help you track your caloric intake by logging food and water you had throughout the day. The daily and weekly insights make it easy to see whether you’re meeting your needs and goals. 

Free vs paid

You can use the companion app without paying a single penny and still enjoy most of its features. Fitness, sleep, and nutrition trackers are all available in the free version. However, there’s also Fitbit Premium if you want to take its functionalities to the next level.

Paid monthly or annually, the paid version grants you access to advanced insights. You’ll also get audio and video workouts in-app and unlock habit-forming programs after paying for a membership.

Our take

Overall, the Fitbit app doesn’t only complement the gadget, it outshines its wearable counterpart with its comprehensive list of features. This fitness tool makes health tracking a simple and intuitive affair.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you own a Fitbit device, this companion app is a must-download on your mobile device. However, you won't be able to take full advantage of it without any of the company's bands that it was intended for.


  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive data storage
  • Displays highlights and trends
  • Alarm setting features


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