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A free add-on docks for Windows

RocketDock is a Mac-style animated dock software that transforms your Windows taskbar. With its great visuals and a widely customizable interface, and simplifies organizing your files and application icons. It’s similar to Winstep Nexus and Docky, but more stable, and best of all it is for free.

Revolutionary customization and configuration

RocketDock is a lightweight and portable software that helps you personalize outdated Windows monitors, increasing productivity and giving you something great to look at while you work. 

Created by Punk Labs, RocketDock is easy to download and configure to your liking. It has a variety of add-ons and customization settings. Modeled on a Mac OS X Aqua GUI dock, the RocketDock dock helps you organize and declutter your desktop with fancy, easy-to-view icons. 

Accessible and visually catchy taskbar and icons

If you want to preview running applications, then it’s best to use the large icons. With RocketDock, you can drag your tools to where you want them on the screen. Add shortcuts to your favorite applications and make your screen look neater and more navigable.

With a variety of skins and icons to choose from, you can spend hours deciding. RocketDock is compatible with Y’s Dock, MobyDock, and ObjectDock skins and will work with alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons. 

If you’ve lost your computer and need to purchase a new one, you can use RocketDock to store your customizations on portable storage devices, like a USB or hard drive. 

This is the perfect add-on for anyone from an artist to a professional with colorful animations, elegant skins, and bouncing icons. RocketDock lets you customize and design your own skins, but if you are not the creative type, you can download them from Punk Labs.

RocketDock vs. Winstep Nexus vs. Docky

There are over 30 dock softwares to choose from for Windows, such as RocketDock, Winstep Nexus, and Docky. Out of all of them, RocketDock is gentler on your CPU and RAM and comes with a wider variety of skins, icons, and gadgets.

Our take

RocketDock is the perfect add-on software for anyone who loves to keep things neat, tidy, and accessible at zero cost. As an added benefit it is very easy to use.  

Should you download it?

Yes. You should definitely download RocketDock whether you are professional and just want things to look organized, or are an artist and looking for a fun, colorful, and creative desktop makeover.


  • Lightweight on your CPU and RAM
  • Colorful, fun, and visually pleasing
  • Wide variety of skins, icons, and gadgets
  • Very easy-to-use and configure
  • You can customize and design your own icons, and skins
  • RocketDock is free to use
  • Compatible with Y’s Dock, MobyDock, and ObjectDock skins


  • You cannot drag and drop bulk icons
  • In conjunction with other software, it is fairly optimum
  • It is modeled on an old outdated Mac OS
  • There’s no easy way to undo or delete actions

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RocketDockfor Windows


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