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Improve your photos for free with Photo! Editor

Photo! Editor t is a small but powerful app that is designed to make it easier for novices to edit photos. The app, although free, is packed with advanced features that one would expect to find in other more expensive applications. Similar applications include Pixlr Editor and Polar Photo Editor.

Premium features

Photo! Editor is packed with advanced features that make the application more similar to a premium photo editing app than a free one. The features are practical and enable novice photographers to edit their photos at home without the need for expensive photo editing suites or professional photo editors.

One-click corrections

Making adjustments and corrections are only a click away with Photo! Editor. The app includes instant automatic corrections for color balance and red-eye removal. Photo! Editor also has the ability to add special effects to your pictures, for example, you can easily create caricatures from your favorite pictures with one click. The app skillfully combines useful and fun features into one package.

Our take

Photo! Editor is a simple but effective photo editor that combines a good gamut of features with a user-friendly and inviting interface. The ease of use makes the application well-suited to novice photo editors who are looking for a powerful but cost-effective photo editor.

Should you download it?

Yes, downloading the app is worth your time if you are looking for a no-nonsense photo editor. The application is stable, has a rich variety of useful features, and it comes with several filters that allow you to create caricatures from your favorite pictures with ease.


  • Inviting user interface.
  • Automatic corrections for the most important touch-ups.
  • Several interesting and fun filters can be applied to pictures.
  • No specialist knowledge required to use the app.


  • Not compatible with all operating systems.
  • Lacks a few advanced features.
  • Photos cannot be shared on social media via the app.
  • Application can be slow at times, especially when applying edits to photos.

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Photo! Editorfor Windows


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