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ACDSee Free: Photo viewer with many features

ACDSee Free is basically a viewer app that helps you open images on your Windows PC. It's not just any photo viewer. It's a program that lets you see your pictures quickly and easily, cutting down on waiting time. When you open a photo with ACDSee Free, it shows your picture clearly and allows you to access all your photos without any hassle.

What is the use of ACDSee?

ACDSee Free shows your photos fast on your PC. It's simple to use and really fast. You don't need to wait around for your photos to load or go through complicated steps to see them. Whether you're flipping through your photo collection, zooming in for a closer look, or printing out your favorites, ACDSee Free makes it all straightforward.

Best features

Here are some of the cool things ACDSee Free can do:

  • View RAW Camera File Formats: You can see your RAW photos, kind of like digital negatives, just as easily as regular photos like JPEGs.
  • Quickly Load Thousands of Photos: See all your photos right away without having to import them.
  • Easily Create Slideshows: Pick your photos, click a few buttons, and watch a slideshow of your memories.
  • Batch Rotate and Flip: Save time by rotating or flipping more than one photo at once.
  • Click & Share with SendPix™: Easily share your pictures with family and friends through ACDSee's own sharing app, SendPix™.
  • View a Plethora of File Types: This app allows you to view a plethora of file types, including photos, videos, documents, PDFs, and audio files.

What else does ACDSee Free do?

ACDSee Free does more than just let you view photos. Here are a few extra perks:

  • Convenient Printing: Print your photos directly from the app in various styles, complete with titles and captions.
  • Speedy Viewing: Scroll through thousands of images fast with Quick View.
  • Helpful Searching: Find your photos easily using Quick Search and sort them by name, size, or date.
  • Personalization: Set a favorite photo as your wallpaper to always have it in view.
  • Gain Perspective: Zoom in or out quickly to see every detail in your photos.

ACDSee Free is more than just software; it's a tool designed to bring your digital memories to the forefront with ease and efficiency.


  • Supports RAW formats
  • Opens and displays images quickly


  • Limited editing features
  • Some users might find the interface dated

Program available in other languages

ACDSee Freefor Windows

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