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Turn your images into artwork with AndreaMosaic

AndreaMosaic, a free software made by Andrea Denzler, lets people turn regular photos into beautiful mosaic pictures. It's perfect for anyone wanting to make something unique, whether it's just for fun, for selling, or even for showing off in an art show. AndreaMosaic comes packed with features to help you make these mosaics without a lot of fuss.

Andreamosaic features

AndreaMosaic has got a bunch of neat tricks to help you make your mosaic:

  • Making image variants on the spot: This means you can get different versions of your pictures automatically, giving you more options for your mosaic.
  • Automatically cropping images: The software cuts your pictures to fit just right, saving you the hassle.
  • Color adjustment happens by itself: AndreaMosaic tweaks the colors so everything matches up well, making your mosaic look awesome.
  • Stopping repeat pictures: It keeps your mosaic interesting by making sure pictures that look too similar aren't used too close together.
  • Creating super detailed mosaics: You can make really big, detailed artworks, up to 100 gigapixels big!

The software is free to use for anything, even selling your mosaics, as long as you give it credit. Plus, if you make something really cool, you can add it to a list of awesome projects made with AndreaMosaic.

How do I turn a photo into a mosaic pattern?

Making a mosaic with AndreaMosaic is pretty straightforward. Here's how you do it:

  1. Gather Your Pictures: First, you need a bunch of pictures that will be used to make up your mosaic. Keep them in JPG format and organize them however you like in folders.
  2. Tell AndreaMosaic About Your Pictures: Next, you let the software know where your pictures are. It'll look through them and keep track of what's available in a special file.
  3. Set Up Your Mosaic: Now, you decide how you want your mosaic to look. You can stick with the basics or change things up as you get more comfortable with the software.
  4. Pick Your Main Picture: Choose the photo you want to recreate as a mosaic. This is the image your mosaic will look like in the end.
  5. Make the Mosaic: Finally, you just hit the button to start making your mosaic. Depending on how many pictures you're using and how detailed you want it, this could take a little time. When it's done, you get to see your finished piece!

Artworks created worldwide

People all over the world have used AndreaMosaic to make some pretty amazing things, like a huge mosaic for Denmark's part in a big architecture show in Venice and a mosaic for a film called "Fight for Beauty" at an art exhibition in Venice. These projects show how versatile and fun making mosaics with AndreaMosaic can be.

AndreaMosaic is a great tool for anyone interested in turning photos into mosaic art. It's easy to use, packed with helpful features, and best of all, it's free. Whether you're making art for yourself, to sell, or for a show, AndreaMosaic is a fantastic way to merge technology with creativity.


  • Free-to-use
  • High-quality results


  • Outdated interface

Program available in other languages

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