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Windows image viewer

HoneyView is a Windows image viewer software that can display various image formats, including common types like JPG, BMP, and PNG, as well as uncommon ones like PSD and DDS. You can also use the app to view images in full mode and parallel mode, or create slideshows with transition effects. 

Saving your favorite images

You can save your cherished images and copy them to a ‘photo folder.’ Then, with Google Maps, you can view the location where the image was originally captured if you have GPS tags enabled. The software also supports images containing sound (also known as ‘sound and shot files’). 

HoneyView favorites and features

You can download the software from any other trusted source such as an official app store. HoneyView has a straightforward and user-friendly design, with a wide range of features like different viewing modes (full-image or slideshow), and great editing tools, which let you resize, rotate, convert copy, or set an image as wallpaper. 

HoneyView has an archive feature for viewing manga, cartoons, and comic images, and the app is also popular in the books and news categories. There are similar apps like IrfanView and ImageGlass, which are excellent alternatives for HoneyView.

You can use the app’s drop-down menu to lock and bookmark pictures for easy access. Regardless of the size of the image or its resolution, it will load without lagging. Besides the usual image formats, HoneyView also lets you view comic book formats like HV3, TAR, and LZA, as well as animated images like WebP, GIF, PNG, and BPG. You can even view zipped images without having to extract them.

The app works with the desktop mouse, but you can edit and add shortcuts for your keyboard to make navigation easy. However, if you prefer using the mouse, you can jump ten images with a single click. You can use the mouse controls to zoom in and out and move to other collections. If you would like to hide or display more information, you can use the app’s EXIF data visibility, which shows the GPS information, the camera's make and model, and so much more. 

Our take

HoneyView is an excellent app for viewing any image format imaginable, with the added benefit of editing it. It has unique features and is very user-friendly.  

Should you download it?

Yes. This app is unique and worth a try, especially if you love downloading, viewing, and editing pictures.  


  • The app has a user-friendly yet unique interface
  • HoneyView is free to use
  • It can also support a wide range of formats


  • The app generally works with the PC mouse

HoneyViewfor Windows


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