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Take pictures for free with the Windows Camera app

Windows camera is a small and lightweight application that makes it easy to take pictures with your PC and/or Windows-based smartphone. The app is built into the popular Microsoft Windows operating system, but it can also be downloaded for stand-alone installation. The application is a good choice for users who are looking for a camera app that offers basic functionality. Other similar applications include VSCO X and Camera +.

Take instant pictures

The Windows camera application allows you to take quick snapshots with minimal effort. The app works with most webcams and supports high-resolution pictures. Windows camera offers plug-and-play support for several external peripherals, which means that you do not need to install additional drivers to use peripherals.

Time your pictures automatically

The Windows camera app comes with a self-timer that makes it possible to take pictures that includes everyone in the shot. The self-timer function is available on the desktop app and the mobile version.

Our take

With the Windows camera application, you can weave multiple videos together to form one video. You can stop and start your video recording as many times as you want, and the application will automatically create a single file when you are ready. This is especially helpful when you need to create something like a video introduction for an interview.

Should you download it?

The Windows camera application can be used to scan documents and text from other sources such as whiteboards. The app automatically converts the text from the picture and increases the clarity of the text for easier reading, making it very handy for a multitude of users.


  • Lightweight application that doesn't hog resources.
  • Fast video and photo capture rates.
  • Can be used on PCs and mobile phones or tablets.
  • Can be used to scan text.


  • Not compatible with Android / iOS operating systems.
  • Slightly confusing control layout / user interface.
  • Lacks advanced functionality like filters etc.
  • Lacks the ability to share images directly from the app.

Program available in other languages

Windows Camerafor Windows

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