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This official mobile app from AT&T gives you access to your account information on the go. While it’s meant to offer convenience, the app itself isn’t user-friendly.

Laggy and outdated

myAT&T is an app designed to help you stay on top of your billing, data usage, and other elements associated with your account. Unfortunately, expectation surpasses reality when it comes to this software.

MyAT&T has a dated interface and often crashes at inconvenient moments. The overall user experience is slow and frustrating. Though the main function let customers pay their bills on their mobile phones, the process is cumbersome. There are frequent errors that show up, even when you enter the correct information.

The ‘Check Your Data Usage’ feature is supposed to let you monitor your data in real time but instead, it shows you a two-day-old report. It’s a challenge to get any information from this feature in the first place, considering the app freezes as soon as you choose this option.

Even simply trying to navigate this app isn’t an easy experience. The app locks up for no reason and makes you reset your passcode.

Where can you run this program?

MyAT&T runs on Android 7.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Unfortunately, this is the only mobile app for AT&T customers.

Our take

It’s disappointing that a major company like AT&T has put such little effort into designing its mobile app. That said, it’s the only option for AT&T customers who want to manage and pay their bills on the go.

Should you download it?

No. AT&T customers are better off using their browsers to access their cellular accounts.


  • Bill pay on-the-go


  • Slow
  • App freezes
  • Dated Interface

Program available in other languages

myAT&Tfor Android


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