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If you are tired of boring typing tutor programs that have you type endless phrases, then KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is an excellent free alternative.

It has various tools to help you improve your typing skills and have fun while doing so. It also has plenty of analytical tools so you can set goals for yourself and monitor your progress.

What is KeyBlaze?

KeyBlaze is a free typing app for Windows that gives you all the tools you need to improve your typing speed and quality.

How do I install KeyBlaze Tutor?

On the KeyBlaze homepage, click on the download link at the top, or hit the download button slightly further down. When the download is finished, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I use KeyBlaze Typing Tutor?

The first time you start the app, a wizard will take you through the steps to create your profile. This is where you choose your current level and set your goal. You can change these parameters any time you like from the main screen.

Although it’s not compulsory to take the initial test, it’s a good idea to do so, as it gives you a starting point for your typing journey.

Once you’re set-up, you can choose a lesson, carry out the exercises, and take the test at the end to see how much you’ve learned.

You learn at your own pace and can repeat any lesson or exercise until you’ve proven yourself at that level.

Is KeyBlaze good for touch typing?

Yes, it’s excellent for touch typing.

It combines traditional typing exercises, audio exercises to practice transcription typing, and typing games.

If you set yourself a WPM target, the app will automatically calculate the number of words you’ve typed.

Our take

We particularly like that you can add other profiles to compare your progress from within the app. It’s an exceptional tool for becoming more adept at your typing skills.

It’s essential to find the program that suits you, so TypingMaster and Rapid Typing Tutor are also worth considering.

Should you download it?

Yes. With KeyBlaze, you can improve your typing skills, and there’s plenty of variety to keep it interesting.


  • Excellent variety of learning tools to keep it interesting
  • Customizable skill profile and goals
  • Superb training videos covering basic to advanced skills


  • UI is dated

KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutorfor Windows


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