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Free printing app by HP

Designed by HP to streamline printing processes into one single place, the free HP Smart app includes tools to make it easier to do everything you need to on your printer. Check your ink levels, scan, set up your printer for wireless communication, or print out a document—the app can do it all.


Along with the usual features that you can expect from an app like this, you can also order your print supplies straight from HP, directly from the app. You can manage your online HP account and even get support if you’re experiencing any issues. 

That’s not all. After scanning a document or photo, you can either save it as a JPEG or a PDF file straight to your cloud storage. Do you need to send a fax? Not a problem; send mobile fax securely from the app’s built-in fax feature.  

You can also access various cards and crafts from the app’s printables feature. There’s something for everyone with HP Smart. 


Are you not satisfied with the way your scan looks? You can add filters, crop, adjust the brightness and contrast, and add text, all according to your preferences.

Additional information

To run HP Smart, you need a cellphone with Android 7.0. It has seen significant improvements over the years, as well as millions of downloads. It’s also a relatively small app at less than 50 MB in size. 

Our take

HP Smart is a convenient app. Being able to control your printer from your smartphone, and having all these useful features makes the app an excellent option. We’re quite impressed with the cloud storage integration and the app’s supply store, one of the few Google Play apps with this feature. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you own an HP printer that is compatible, there’s no reason not to download the app.


  • Built-in supply store
  • Add filters and text to scans
  • Send faxes from the app
  • Download various printables
  • Boasts cloud storage integration


  • Restricted to HP printers

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

HP Smartfor Android

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