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When downloading this in the app store, you’ll immediately see that it boasts one bold thing: it was designed to be deleted. If you’re sick of meeting people who only want quick flings, Hinge is your game changer.

The anti-dating dating app

If you’re not exactly a fan of Tinder, Hinge is a more romantic place for you to find your new love.

It immediately intrigues. When downloading this in the app store, you’ll immediately see that it boasts one bold thing: it was designed to be deleted. Placed side by side with Tinder, you’ll realize that this app is for romantics.

The love-focused design is an effort to discourage people from treating potential matches like flies to be swatted. Profiles are laid out like Instagram which allows for a closer examination. You can learn and make people learn about your location, age, height, ethnicity, and more.

Tell the app how your date went. One it detects that you have exchanged numbers with a match, it will ask for updates. Its system uses the information to improve estimates and make better judgments the next time it presents someone to you. If there will be a next time.

A sophisticated interface is seen on the app itself as well as the website which attracts a well-educated user base. Over 99% percent of its users have a college degree in fields like media, finance, etc.

No need for schemes

Striking conversations up is easy on this app. Each user profile has fun tidbits of information that you can talk about to keep things going from there. Give witty answers to prompts like “Believe it or not, I” or “I got detention for”.

Their website even provides date ideas. Shake things up or find ingenious ways to get to know someone. Adventurous, laid back, and other types are sure to find the best date here. Hinge will point you to dreamy and exciting destinations like wrecking clubs, cat cafes, retro arcades, and so on.

Where can you run this program?

Give online dating a try by downloading this on your Android or iOS device.

Is there a better alternative?

Bumble is a good alternative, especially for women. This app lessens the risk of creeps trying to slide in a girl’s messages. Girls actually have to approach their matches first on this app.

Our take

They have that mindfulness that other dating platforms do not. You’ll really feel like you’re in for the long haul. In fact, 3 in 4 first dates made on Hinge result to second dates.

Should you download it?

Yup. It’s one of the most promising dating apps out there in the market. Prevent ghosting now.

Hinge - Dating & Relationshipsfor Android


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