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ExaGear Windows Emulator: Run Windows OS on Android

ExaGear Windows Emulator is an OS tool that lets you run Windows programs on Android devices, which is great for playing old games or using certain apps without needing a Windows computer.

How to use ExaGear Windows Emulator

Using ExaGear is pretty easy. It's like a simple version of Wine, a program that lets you run Windows apps on Linux and macOS. But ExaGear is for Android. It organizes your apps into separate spaces and has a menu that makes it easy to find and start your apps.

  • Installing Apps: You can add new Windows apps in two ways. One, pick from a short list of older games like Civilization III and StarCraft. Or two, choose an EXE file from your device, though you might need to tweak it to work right.
  • Containers: Each app runs in its own "container," so you can change settings for one app without messing up another. But, you can't do everything you might want, like changing the Windows version or adding specific files some programs need.
  • Limits: Not every Windows app will work because the list of supported apps is small. Also, you can't use CD or DVD games because it doesn't let you mount ISO files.

Even with these limits, ExaGear's easy-to-use setup makes it a good choice for running certain Windows apps on Android.

Can ExaGear run PC games?

A big selling point for ExaGear is its ability to play PC games on Android. It uses special tech to run a variety of Windows apps, including games. There's a list of games like Heroes 3 and Diablo 2 that are known to work well.

But, how well it works can depend on the game and your device. So, while it's exciting, your experience might vary.

ExaGear Windows Emulator alternatives

If you're looking for other ways to run apps or games, here are a few options for running Android games on Windows:

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy: Great for PUBG Mobile fans, this lets you play the game and others on a big screen, with better controls.
  • Citra: Lets you play Nintendo games in HD on your computer, improving the graphics and gameplay.
  • RetroArch: An all-in-one emulator that supports many systems, making it easy to play lots of different games, manage settings, and play with friends.

These alternatives offer different ways to enjoy games and apps, showing how emulation can help us use our favorite software in new ways.

ExaGear Windows Emulator opens up new possibilities for using Windows apps on Android, especially for gaming. While it has some drawbacks and might not work for every app, its straightforward design makes it accessible.


  • Multiple installing options
  • Supports x86 Windows apps


  • Limited support

Program available in other languages

ExaGear Windows Emulatorfor Android


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