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Free, anonymous internet browsing w/ WARP is a free application that hides your internet activity on your Android device. It has enhanced security protocols so that no one can spy on your surfing or hack your phone. You can enable the DNS settings to give you a faster internet browsing speed.

What does the w/ WARP app do?

If you know anything about internet security, you may be familiar with Cloudfare that provides 256-bit SSL data encryption to protect your personal information on some sites. It developed w/ WARP with the same functionality for mobile devices, ensuring that no one can hack your activity. You can also subscribe to WARP + for enhanced tools.

Does 1.1 1.1 hide your IP?

1.1 1.1 on its own is unable to hide your activity from prying eyes. However, the combination with WARP provides this ability, acting as a virtual private network (VPN) between Cloudshare services and your device. Once enabled, you can safely connect to the internet without worrying about someone accessing your details.

How do I use w/ WARP on my Android?

Using w/ WARP on your mobile device isn’t as straightforward as installing it and waiting for the new settings. You’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Register for Cloudflare Gateway
  3. Obtain a unique ID for DNS over HTTPS hostname
  4. Enable Cloudflare Gateway on your w/ WARP mobile app
  5. Use your new DNS settings


Is Cloudflare DNS better than Google?

Many experts report that Cloudflare DNS servers are the fastest for 72% of locations worldwide. Quad9 and Google tied for second place. Google was better for Asia and South America, while Quad9 came in second for Europe and North America.

Our take w/ WARP lets you browse the internet on your Android device with the peace of mind that no one is watching your activity. If you’d like to try similar apps, you can look at X-VPN, ExpressVPN, and Hotspot Shield.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking to use Cloudflare servers to hide your internet activity.


  • Hides your internet activity
  • Provides advanced security protocols
  • Acts as a VPN with Cloudflare servers
  • Enables faster internet speeds
  • Free


  • Advanced features are hidden behind a subscription
  • Challenging to establish a connection

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