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Free health-tracking app

Fitbit is a free application that tracks and monitors various aspects of your health, including your heart rate, steps taken, and sleep. The app requires a fitness watch and works best with a Fitbit wearable. However, it can function using many alternative brands of smartwatches.

Provided workouts

The Fitbit application offers a host of free video and audio workouts for you to complete at home. This selection covers multiple areas, such as high-intensity training, cardio, yoga, and others. There are plenty of free options but having a premium membership unlocks over 240 new workouts.

Monitor your eating

Another feature of the Fitbit app is the tool that monitors your diet. Using this utility, you can quickly set specific nutritional goals, track your progress, and count your calories. Having a premium membership will expand this tool with a more personalized report designed to help you reach your ideal weight.

Track yourself

There are many habits and routines you can track from your daily life with the use of the Fitbit app. These options include your sleep pattern, how many steps you take each day, and your heart rate. You’re also able to view the distance walked and calories burned throughout the day.


There are many benefits to purchasing a premium membership that can help you reach your ideal weight faster. However, you don’t need it as all the free functions will work. Additionally, you have access to a 90-day free trial that’s ideal for starting your exercise journey off on the right note and to see if you would want to opt for a premium subscription.

Stress management

Fitbit offers a variety of audio tracks that will help you feel less stressed. You can use the mindfulness clips to start your day and access meditations when needed. The feature is handy in many situations if you have time alone to spare.

Our take

Fitbit is a worthwhile application for monitoring your health and weight but has many alternatives, such as Map My Run and Sleep Watch. The free trial period of premium provides plenty of features that can help you start losing weight. You also don’t need a Fitbit watch since it works with many alternative products.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have the Fitbit watch or want an easy way to track your exercise and other health habits, this application is a great way to start.


  • Free workout videos and audios
  • Track your sleeping
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Set and monitor goals
  • Manage your stress


  • Many features only available with premium\

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Fitbitfor iOS


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