Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)for Android


Free wearable device companion app

Galaxy Wearable is a free app that connects your wearable Samsung gear with your mobile device. Using it, you can control your Galaxy Watch and Bud features, manage apps, and always locate your gadgets. It promotes an integrated experience from the perks you get from using Samsung products.

Versatile usage

Galaxy Wearable gives you comprehensive control over your wearable devices from the moment they connect to your smartphone

While it can’t entirely replace the VeryFitPro or MyFitnessPal, this app provides much of your Watch’s same basic functionalities. Galaxy Bud management is also straightforward and easy to use from the phone.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t work with Gear VR. It doesn’t run on tablets, either, and the available options might vary based on your device model. The app updates its list of supported devices often for easy reference though.

Easy setup

Once you install Galaxy Wearable on your smartphone, you can easily pair it with your Buds or Watch via Bluetooth. As soon as you establish the connection, all gear data and settings become accessible from the mobile device. Be sure to enable the necessary permissions to make the app run as smoothly as possible. Note that it crashes here and there if the connection falters, though.

Multiple settings options

The app comes with a full toolset for managing your gear. It lets you connect and disconnect from different devices, update the software, and monitor your devices’ data and conditions. All settings sit on a slick black interface, making it easy to find and access the options you need. 

One convenient functionality goes under the name of ‘Find My Watch,’ using location data to ensure you never lose your gear. You can also play around with the notification types you receive and alter settings to match your preferences.

Our take

Overall, although it can drain your battery rather quickly and crash if your connectivity is poor, Galaxy Wearable is a handy tool for your wearable usage. It’s slick, smooth, and highly functional.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you use a supported Galaxy wearable device, this is the ideal companion app to use in order to maximize the benefits you get from it.


  • Highly convenient
  • Provides high control levels
  • Handy Find My Watch features


  • Battery-draining

Program available in other languages

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)for Android

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