Free WiFi testing app

Most Wi-Fi users don’t know if they’re vulnerable to WPS protocol, but with this simple app, you can. Wifi WPS WPA Tester is everything you need to test your Wi-Fi network and see if it is secure or is vulnerable. No computer or other testing equipment is required, and setup is as easy as connecting to your Wi-Fi network on your phone. 

Minimal effort and low price

This app allows you to try and test your connection to a Wi-Fi Access Point via WPS PIN. This PIN is calculated with many algorithms; other PINs are included in databases for many access points. Only a small part of your Wireless Access Point is vulnerable to WPS protocol, and with this app, you can hone in on that part and determine whether your network is safe or vulnerable.

Available and reliable across all devices

If you have a smart device, you can test the vulnerability of your network. This app is, by far, not a hard-running software, but even old tablets can run it easily. 

Upon discovering that your Wi-Wi network has WPS protocol enabled, it’s best to disable it at that point. The app is largely for educational purposes, giving you a detailed explanation as to why disabling these protocols would be beneficial for you.

Well reviewed, well deserved

There are many ways you can disable the protocol if you happen to find that your Wi-Fi still has it set up. The app allows you to disable the protocol, or “brute force” the protocol off in certain circumstances. Other methods exist within the app that will work for just about any Wi-Fi or protocol situation you’ll run into. 

Our take

For those wishing to test the security of their network, this app is a convenient thing to have handy. It’s versatile, works on most devices, and gets the job done nicely. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need your Wi-Fi to be tested, then absolutely. While there are far more other better apps on Google Play, such as WPSApp, WiFi Warden, and HotSpot Shield, this app covers more ground than its competitors.


  • Various checking methods
  • Multiple protocol defusal methods
  • Educational
  • Runs on most devices


  • QA could use some work; obvious grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the app description



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