City of Heroes: Homecomingfor Windows


A classic RPG for your Windows PC

City of Heroes Homecoming is the much-anticipated comeback version of the leading classic game. For years, CoH has been one of the most popular role-playing games for Windows PCs. Since its release, this i engaging game has set the gaming community on fire. 

Now, in the latest version of the program, you can again visit the famous ‘Paragon City’, a world with heroes, monsters, and villains in every corner. Players can create their own character customizations, epic battles, and other aspects to have hours of fun.

Multiple character customizations allow for fun gameplay

City of Heroes was once the leading action game for Windows computers. With an interesting superhero theme, the game was able to garner attention around the world. In 2021, it was discontinued. A group of fans, players, and developers have resurrected this classic, which now operates on multiple servers under the Homecoming title.

City of Heroes Homecoming boasts multiple collaborative options, which allow players with different skills and experience to team up on missions. Most of the mission arcs are will keep you occupied for hours. Since the game has a solid community active in numerous forums, you can easily find mission arcs of all sorts on the internet.

How to get started?

The popular Windows game comes in a lightweight installation package. While it demands some effort and time, even beginners can download and run CoH without any issues. To get started, you need to download Tequila, the launcher for the game’s multiple servers.

Once you’ve downloaded the package, you need to visit the PC’s local hard drive. You should create a folder called ‘CoH’. Copy and paste Tequila to this folder, and launch the .EXE file. When the program asks you to choose an installation folder, choose CoH. Tequila will download all the required game files in this folder.

While this happens, you should create a game account for City of Heroes Homecoming. You can visit the official game forum, accept some simple terms of the agreement, and fill a registration form. The forum requires you to choose a username and password.

Once Tequila has downloaded all the game files on your PC’s hard drive, you’ll notice a pop-up window on the screen. In the upper left corner, you’ll notice a tab called ‘Score’. In this section, you click the ‘Play’ button.

The classic CoH game will load, and you’ll have to enter the username and password. This will let you choose a server. Once done, you're on your way to having an amazing time playing the game with fans from around the world.

What about the missions?

While playing this role-playing game, character creation is one of the most interesting aspects. The players have the freedom to customize their game characters, whether it be clothing or appearance.

Unlike most MMORPGs, you can choose to customize a character with special skills, playstyles, and powers. Currently, you can choose from 6 playstyles and 5 origins. You can also create multiple combinations with them. With City of Heroes Homecoming, the fun doesn’t stop here.

Before starting the game, you can choose a range of special powers. There are over 100 power sets, which let you have more fun throughout the game. With so many customization options, no two characters in this action game are the same. You can play with a good number of playstyles and skillsets.

Does the game have a strong community?

As a classic game for Windows PCs, City of Heroes already has a solid community. You can create your own super villains or superheroes. In fact, you can try to become the almighty superhuman being you’ve always wanted. Characters come in different shapes and sizes, and with eye-catchy costumes, too. CoH focuses on action-packed sequences and duels with players from across the globe.

Our take

City of Heroes has always been an all-time classic Windows game. The Homecoming version is a refreshing title and brings back old memories with various new customizations.

Should you download it?

The resurrected game delivers thrilling adventures for multiple skill levels. City of Heroes Homecoming is a refreshing change from basic MMOs and fantasy games. It lets you design characters, their powers, and indulge in mission arcs with fans.

While server options seem limited, the character creation system keeps you engaged and contains numerous options for designing costumes, appearances, etc. If you can manage the pace of the story and combat, City of Heroes Homecoming will be an excellent choice. Otherwise, you should try fast-paced titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite Battle Royale, or Warcraft III.


  • Supports multiple customization options
  • Comes in a lightweight installation package
  • Allows character upgrades
  • Offers missions with other players


  • Occasional bugs and errors
  • Limited range of servers

City of Heroes: Homecomingfor Windows

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