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Arora - Indie web browser

Arora may not be as well-known as other web browsers, but it found a special place among people who like tech and want something different from the usual options. This browser was made by Benjamin C. Meyer. It was designed to be simple, fast, and free for everyone to use. Arora was liked because it was all about making web browsing easy and quick without adding too many extra features that could make it slow. You can download this web border on your Windows PC.

What exactly is Arora?

In simple terms, Arora is a web browser that focuses on being easy to use. It uses the same technology as Safari and Google Chrome to load websites quickly. Arora kept things simple, with features like:

  • Opening different websites in tabs within the same window.
  • A download manager to see the files you download.
  • A bookmarks bar for your favorite websites.
  • A smart address bar that helps you find websites faster.
  • Private browsing and being able to pick up where you left off if the browser closes unexpectedly.

However, Arora wasn't perfect. It didn't let users add extra tools or change its look much, which some people didn't like. There were also some issues with certain websites not working right and the browser sometimes crashing.

Why was Arora discontinued?

The main reason Arora stopped being developed wasn't problems with the browser itself but legal issues related to Meyer's job. He had agreements with his employer that prevented him from continuing to work on Arora. This didn't mean Arora was gone for good, though. Other developers took Meyer's work and made new browsers based on Arora, adding new features and improvements.

If you are looking for web browsers with more features, better performance and constant updates, we suggest you check out  Google Chrome, Opera Web Browser, Arc Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Even after it stopped being developed, Arora inspired other developers to keep improving it and making new versions. You can still take a look at its GitHub page and see all the details Meyer officially released.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Works fast and stable
  • Private browsing feature


  • Very basic
  • Discontinued, doesn't get updates
  • Doesn't support plugins

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