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Google Chrome's rival is born. The Internet is one of the most powerful inventions ever created. It entirely connects millions of people regardless of class, gender, profession, age, and geographical location. Every person now depends on it to complete their daily tasks swiftly and efficiently. Ergo, life is just not the same without it. Oddly enough, it can also make you vulnerable and make you the next victim of its faceless cyber threats without you even knowing it. To prevent this unfortunate event, you should look for the most secure browser to protect your privacy and identity while you're busy doing your daily online activities.

Lucky enough, Avast Secure Browser (formerly known as Avast SafeZone Browser) is now available for free download. It is perfected and revamped to cater to your most modern cybersecurity needs. Equipped with the next-gen technology, this browser is your best bet for your Windows PCs.

Avast family integration

Avast Secure Browser is now battling its place for the number one spot among its competitors simply by being reliable, faster, and the most secure browser for Windows.

Here are the key features provided by the browser you need to look at: the browser is especially integrated with Avast Antivirus. giving you the best online security you can have. You don't need to worry about the possible threats that may cause you problems later on. You can also scan your computer or connect to a VPN server by using Avast SecureLine VPN and Avast Passwords. This browser will also work perfectly fine even though you have another antivirus installed in your PC.

Bank Mode This is a browsing mode which serves as your online protection against a potential hijacked host or network. It also prevents key loggers and network-based hackers from capturing any of your confidential personal data. This mode will automatically be activated whenever the browser detects your online visit with a banking website or any payment page. Bank Mode is surely useful for your online transactions involving your sensitive details such as your billing information. Built-In Video Downloader One of the most innovative features the browser has to offer is its built-in video downloader. It allows you to directly download videos available from well-known video-sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. You can even select your preferred resolution, size, and format of the video you're about to download.

Stealth Mode and Anti-Tracking Abilities The browser's stealth mode lets you surf the web without leaving any trace on your local drives such as cookies or history. While its anti-tracking feature will eliminate the chance of you getting tag by trackers. These features may look like they were adapted from Google Chrome because it has the same functions. Ad and Flash Blockers The browser mainly blocks the flash players from running which leads to the substantial elimination of the slow and vulnerable features of the browser. It has also the capability to block ads from websites you've visited or currently surfing.

Extension Guard and Protection Extension guard will protect you from installing malicious extensions and add-ons to your browser while letting you install the trusted ones. The browser also has the following abilities: anti-fingerprinting, anti-phishing, and anti-tracking which are all available in other common browsers. Not much of a feature, but you can also use the browser's built-in privacy cleaner to clear cache and browsing history.

Where can you run this program?

You can now enjoy a worriless and anxiety-free online browsing experience in just one click. Just visit the Avast's official website and download it as a standalone browser for free. The browser is compatible with your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and will occupy 400 MB of your hard disk's space. You can also grab a copy of it by installing the latest Avast Antivirus on your computer.

Is there a better alternative?

Well surprisingly, this newest browser is drastically climbing its way to the top spot. challenging the reigning victors in the industry such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It will not take long before its user community grows into thousands and millions since it provides the next-gen cybersecurity for all. While using the browser, you'll feel that you're in control without having the fright of being watched and robbed by various online peeping toms. It's easy to customize to adhere to your personal online browsing needs. Plus you'll won't need to change anything about your browsing habits since you'll get the same familiar look you have grown into.

Overall, it is just like your normal browser for everyday use with few extras focusing on enhancing your browsing speed, security, and privacy. which makes it hard to ignore and left untested.

Our take

Switching to Avast Secure Browser would be easy and efficient since it is Chromium-based engine and its interface is based on a more popular web browser, Google Chrome. Its company has invested in its cyber-security capabilities and established its name in the industry by offering one of the best and most followed antivirus freeware available online. Its credibility is unparalleled for being a pioneer in providing services that focuses closely on the customers' security and privacy. The browser's security and identity theft premium features are real game-changer to the growing modern cyber industry. Meanwhile, its competitors are now working double time just to match its unique and superb qualities. Overall, this browser is highly recommendable and surprisingly great though it's free of charge.

Should you download it?

Definitely. If you're tired of being frustrated and paranoid for every transaction you made online either it's with your bank or favorite online shops, then this browser is perfect for your cyber cover up. It's easy to customize based on your preferred functions and more importantly free of charge. This promising browser will give you guaranteed happiness and peace of mind by delivering a swift, private, and secure browsing experience. 


  • Available for free download
  • Easy-to-use functions displayed on a familiar interface
  • Unparalleled security and privacy features
  • Same speed as Google Chrome


  • Exclusively for Windows
  • Disabling embedded extensions is not allowed

Avast Secure Browserfor Windows


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