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Exciting new features

Google Chrome Beta is a trial version of a new Google Chrome where developers test out new ideas. This beta version is available to users for free, but users should be warned that there can be bugs with this version as new coding can be unstable resulting in frequent crashes. However, these beta users provide developers with feedback on areas of improvement. 

What is new in Chrome beta?

The version released in March 2021 will become the stable release in mid-April 2021. We see the following features in version 90.0.4430.19.

  • Developers can restrict the types of plugins to load as ‘<embed>’ or ‘<object>’ HTML elements. This allows developers to block Flash in their pages.
  • It removes support for non-standard RTP data channels and encourages the use of SCTP-based data channels.
  • Chrome will return nothing for navigator plugins and mine types previously used for Flash.
  • Establish a policy for removing APIs and giving developers enough time to make changes to keep their sites running. This is announce through a mailing list and through warnings and time scales in DevTools Console. Chrome developers then wait, watch, and remove the feature when usage drops.


API’s need to be removed when newer ones replace them or if they fail in tests. Newer APIs reflect changes to specifications and provides consistent alignment with other browsers.

How to download Chrome beta

After navigating to the download page, you should click on the blue box. Select or deselect the option to have usage statistics and crash reports sent to Google. Next, you should confirm you want to save the file and designate a location on your computer. 

Double-click the ChromeSetup.exe file to start the installation. If you want to continue the installation, verify by clicking Yes. Setup will connect to the internet, download, and install the beta version.

When it opens, you can follow the guide to get started or sign in with your Google credentials. You’re now free to add your bookmarks and favorite apps, or pick a background and set it as your default browser. Now you are ready to start using Chrome and check out all the new features.

Our take

Google Chrome beta is a test version allowing beta users to try out new features and report errors. Since the developments of the beta software are experimental and can be unstable, this can result in a buggy software with frequent crashes. However, the feedback received from these beta users helps developers improve the software for a better user experience. For other browsers, you can try Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox.

Should you download it?

Yes. Beta users provide valuable feedback to enhance the browser and ensure a stable release with minimal issues. Developers can stay up to date with existing errors to ensure the Chrome browser works well. 


  • New features
  • Enhanced security
  • Remove old APIs
  • New depreciation policy


  • Experimental version
  • Unstable and can crash often

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Google Chrome Betafor Windows


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