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A simple tool to snip text on your Windows PC

Snipit is a useful browser extension, which can quickly cut and paste text directly in your web browser. With this tool, you can snip text while surfing the internet, so you can conveniently share the output file via email. 

The software is compatible with multiple email clients, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and more. The snipping tool also comes with a pre-installed MailTo client, further easing the process of sharing files.

A basic, lightweight, and useful tool for Windows users

Since the screen capture tool is available in the form of a browser extension, it doesn’t really have an interface. After installation, you won’t be able to find the tool in your PC’s start menu or the list of installed programs. 

In fact, you'll find it listed in the ‘Add-ons’ category in your web browser. Whenever you highlight a text and right-click, you’ll automatically get an option to take a snippet.

Is Snipit a lightweight app?

Snipit is a lightweight application, which doesn’t require a lot of RAM or CPU resources. It also doesn’t affect the functioning of other browser extensions installed on your computer. Since it’s a simple snippet tool, you can continue to surf the internet without any crashes or lags.

Having said that, the screen grabber app works with only personal computers. Corporate or enterprise networks usually ban such tools and extensions. Moreover, the program doesn’t support newer versions of Windows OS like Windows 10 but works well with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to use Snipit?

Like most snipping tools, even this one is hassle-free and easy to use. The application doesn’t have an interface, so you need to directly proceed to the browser. In case you find some text that needs to be copied or shared via email, you can highlight the on-screen area, right-click, and the tool will give you the option to capture the text

The program automatically takes you to the email client. If you’re not signed in to your email server, the snippet tool will ask you to select the preferred service provider. As it goes, you’ll have to enter the specific username and password. 

Snipit will compose a new email and paste the selected text into the email client. It goes without saying that you’ll have to manually add the recipient’s email address and a subject line before sending the email.

As mentioned earlier, the browse extension supports all major email service providers and comes with a pre-installed MailTo client to ease the process. However, the application doesn’t support less-commonly used email clients. If you’re using a random or less popular service provider, you might not be able to share the text over email.

Are there any drawbacks?

A major disadvantage of the screen capture tool is that the extension only works with text. It can’t copy images or other interactive and multimedia content. Additionally, the Windows version of the tool doesn’t change the text’s appearance once you’ve pasted it into the email client. You can’t even change the text size.

Since the software offers only basic service, it’s limited to personal computers. However, if you sync the browser data with your mobile device, you’ll be able to use Snipit on your smartphone. This version of the screen grabber lets you change the text’s appearance after pasting it into the email service.

Are there any alternatives?

When it comes to snipping tools or screen grabbers, you can choose from multiple alternatives. While most of these programs are available as standalone apps for Windows, they come with more functionalities, so you can capture the entire screen, a specific area, or even multimedia content. 

Some popular choices include Snagit, Gyazo, and Free Screen Recorder. While these tools aren’t as lightweight as Snipit, they run smoothly on different versions of Windows to take screenshots.

Our take

This snipping tool is a niche product, which can be useful for people who often communicate via email. With this app, there’s no need to type everything you surf on the internet. However, it lacks any advanced functionalities to entice users.

Should you download it?

When it comes to screen capture browser extensions and standalone programs, you can find various options online. Considering the lack of advanced features, Snipit might not be the go-to tool to have on your browser. 


  • Doesn’t crash unexpectedly
  • Lets users share snippets via email
  • Doesn’t affect system resources


  • Only works with text

SnipITfor Windows


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