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SnipIT is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to cut and paste text from anywhere on the internet and insert it into an email.

Forget PrtSc, SnipIT has your copy/paste covered

Snip text from the Internet as you’re browsing and send it in an email, seamlessly, with SnipIT.

Share your favourite recipes with friends and family with the click of a button. Send important information to a colleague without typing it all out. SnipIT makes your emailing experience more efficient.

The software supports Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail. It already has a pre-installed MailTo client to make this process seamless. The software doesn’t support any other email addresses which can be negative for users who don’t use these email services.

Browse the Internet without any lag or slow loading speeds. SnipIT requires a low CPU usage and doesn’t affect any other add-ons installed on your browser.

The software is limited on personal computers, as it offers a very basic service. On the mobile version, you can change the appearance of your text when you paste it into your email. You can also adjust the size of your pasted text to your choosing. The desktop version skips over these features, which could make the software less limited.

Where can you run this program?

This program is only available on operating systems that run Windows 7.

Is there a better alternative?

SnipIT is a very basic tool that comes in handy. The software is limited, however, and a better alternative is Snipping Tool. This competitor allows you to share the entire screengrab of pictures, as well as just text.

Our take

SnipIT is a very niche product that only has one basic feature. It may be useful for people who need to send text via email often and don’t want to type it out, but it lacks any special features to make it worthwhile as a software.

Should you download it?

There are plenty of other copy and paste services and programs that offer more features, so SnipIT isn’t worth the download. Try an alternative screengrab service and capture more than just text.

SnipITfor Windows


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