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The Mozilla Foundation has made the code for Firefox open-source, and a few other developers have taken it and made one of their own. One such browser is Waterfox.

Good intentions, poor results

The consensus seems to be that Waterfox has infrequent updates, and is not yet the powerful browser it says it is.

Waterfox tells you upfront that it wants to be an ethical and powerful browser; however, it doesn’t do so. When talking “ethics”, it means that no data is sent to the Waterfox project or to Mozilla, which does sound like an important step forward. However, Firefox already has the option to disable sending data.

So, in that regard, all that differentiates one “fox” browser from another is that Waterfox has several privacy options turned off by default while Firefox has them on. You might say that this program isn’t as powerful as other alternatives.

In the browser’s subreddit, which the site links to instead of a support page, several big issues can be found by critical users. Waterfox’s worst flaws include its underwhelming HTML5 support when compared to Firefox. It also constantly lags and freezes. It's not any more powerful, nor ethical, than Firefox.

There is a reason for that; very few people work on Waterfox. However, this sort of thing doesn’t excuse its flaws. Perhaps, with more collaborators, it could live up to its potential, since it is still accessible for the casual user.

Where can you run this program?

Waterfox can be downloaded on most platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android on the Google Play Store. It is unavailable on iOS’ Apple Store.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are plenty of better options. Firefox itself still outperforms it in several areas. If you desire an alternative that does not come from the Mozilla Foundation, Opera or Brave is another great choice.

Our take

Waterfox has no significant problems, and it seems to be improving slowly. However, other competing browsers develop faster and have more features.

Should you download it?

No, you should not download Waterfox. Although its principles for a more ethical browser are admirable, it is not unique enough compared to other browsers.

Waterfoxfor Windows


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