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Free makeup camera for Android

Have you ever wanted to try on makeup but not actually buy it? Have you struggled to imagine what a product would look like on you? By using the free MakeupPlus app, you’ll no longer need to think about these things—you can try on and purchase your favorite lip products using the app, or just enhance your selfies.


Transform your selfies with all sorts of unique filters—including the sexy cat, futuristic femme fatale, and much more. Explore all kinds of hairstyle choices and determine what you’d like to look like well before you make an appointment with your hairdresser. However, some options are limited in choices.

You can choose any color and some unique trends as well, such as pink tips, cotton candy, and many others. Of course, let’s not forget the best part—trying on all kinds of makeup to figure out your own unique look. While you’re trying these on, you can also smoothen out and touch up your skin, giving you that perfect glow. 

Of course, if you’re feeling uncertain about a few things, you’ll find some helpful makeup tips to help you draw the most out of this app and out of your makeup routine. When you’re ready and feel a bit more confident, you can take some great group photos with the app’s selfie timer

Try on real products

With just a selfie of your face, you can determine exactly which lip product is for you. Test out your favorite brands, all with no more guessing; with MakeupPlus, life just got a whole lot easier. There’s a wide range of products to choose from, including GLAMGLOW, Lime Crime, Clarins, and more. 

Share with the world - Show off your new look:

MakeupPlus makes it simple to share your photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our take

It’s a good money and time-saving app, with a variety of additional fun features to enhance your selfies, help improve your look and have fun with friends. The Chinese tech company, Meitu Limited, has really outdone themselves. Give yourself a virtual makeover with MakeupPlus. For another great makeup up, try BeautyPlus.  

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s a great ‘all-in-one’ app that anyone can use. 


  • Try and purchase your favorite brands
  • Unique filters and hairstyles
  • Selfie timer


  • Some options are limited in choices

Program available in other languages

MakeupPlusfor Android


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