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Y2Mate is a free application that lets you download videos directly from YouTube. The app works well and finishes downloading video files within moments. The Y2Mate application also functions as a file converter, changing the installed file's type.

Download videos from YouTube

Y2Mate's primary function is to download videos directly from YouTube. It also offers various file sizes and types when you download, changing the video quality depending on what you want. As you download, you can add multiple items to the queue, which may slow down your internet speed. 

The application has its own YouTube service, making it impossible to access your playlists without signing in to your Google account.

Video converter

Besides simply downloading a video in the standard MP4 format, you can select from almost all available file types. This selection includes MP3, WMV, FLO, and even MP3.

The application will convert the chosen video from its original file type to the selected one within moments. This feature is helpful if you're downloading music and need an easy way to play it.

No sign up required

Y2Mate requires no signup to use the service. This convenience allows you to install the APK and download any video you want quickly. However, to access your YouTube playlists, you will need to sign in to your Google account, which isn't safe when done within the app.

View before you download

Before downloading a video, you can play it in the application and check that it's the correct file. This feature ensures you don't waste any mobile data on downloading the wrong video. 

Additionally, while you can download multiple files at a time, this will consume more data. The process will also slow down your internet speed.

Our take

Overall, the Y2Mate application is a decent way to fetch YouTube videos without subscribing to the application's premium subscription. Additionally, the files are transferable between devices, and you can select the downloaded video format. It’s safer to use the alternative Videoder, as it offers the same features and an easy way to search for videos on other platforms.

Should you download it?

No. There are better and safer alternatives available if you need to download videos from YouTube. The app will work, however,  you should avoid signing in to your account while using it. 


  • Download YouTube videos
  • Supports almost all video formats including MP4, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, M4V, and 3GP
  • Converts video files
  • Auto resumes after connection loss


  • Connection issues can corrupt a video download

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