Videoder Video Downloaderfor Android



Videoder downloads videos from more than fifty websites and growing. You can grab a link from any website and paste it into the speedy downloader to get viewing access. 

Build your video collection!

Endless videos at your fingertips waiting for you to make it your own.

Much like VidMate and Snaptube, Videoder can access over a thousand sites and can grab different options from all major social media. One of the best features it has that the others don’t is the ability to copy full YouTube playlists.

Unlike Snaptube, you can convert files into different formats like MP4 to MP3 from within the application. You don’t have to worry about downloading the app onto your phone, given that it's virus-free.

Where can you run this program?

You can use it on Android 4.0 and onwards.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Snaptube and VidMate are quite similar but not particularly better. They are a bit slower at downloading and are not updated as frequently. Their user interfaces are not as attractive as Videoder’s. None of them can be installed without allowing third-party apps.

Our take

Overall, this program is a great video downloader to use with its ability to access most websites. If you like YouTube, the ability to get playlists is a nice bonus. Download speeds are great and being able to convert to MP3 is always useful, 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want a video downloader, Videoder is perfect for you.

Videoder Video Downloaderfor Android


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