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Free Android private file storage

Vault is a privacy app that conceals files on your Android device, away from prying eyes. Its protection incorporates all aspects of your smartphone use, from gallery contents to call logs. There’s a powerful message encryption tool to prevent records from showing up, too.

Protect everything

Unlike Keepsafe, which lets you only hide photos, Vault is an all-inclusive platform. Once you determine a password or pattern through the straightforward user interface, you can lock away sensitive files. 

Another competitor app like the Photo Vault guarantees only those with the correct code can view your images and videos, while App Lock protects against privacy leaks. All data goes to the System Android folder for safekeeping. 

Vault's 'Device Admin’ feature ensures you don’t lose anything by uninstalling the app. If you forget your password, send an email to the service to retrieve it.

Other handy tools include a private chat feature, an untraceable browser, and a call reminder. However, although Vault asks you to turn off the regular notifications, it’s not 100% consistent in sending information through.

Advanced features

Apart from the basics, there are several advanced features:

  • Multiple and fake vaults: You don’t need to store everything in the same folder. Imitation vaults are there as a backup too.
  • Stealth mode: Set up a password that makes an app icon hidden from your display show up again.
  • Break-in alerts: If another person attempts to access your files with the wrong password, the app takes a time-stamped picture, noting the PIN code the intruder tried to enter.

Free vs. premium

Vault is available for free, but like AppLock, it increases its features in the premium version. Most notably, premium members can back up 5GB of data on encrypted cloud storage.

Moreover, the Camouflage functionality makes apps crash when somebody tries to open them. You can also hide individual contacts after purchasing a subscription.

Our take

Overall, this app is well-executed. Although it limits what you can do for free, it’s convenient and efficient, and even more impressive with a paid subscription.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you keep sensitive data on your smartphone. Vault ensures that nobody can access your files or data without your permission.


  • Comprehensive privacy settings
  • Advanced features
  • Chat encryption tools
  • Straightforward UI


  • Some notification issues
  • Limited free capabilities

Vaultfor Android

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