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Free VPN for Android

SuperVPN is a free, virtual private network developed by SuperSoftTech for Android devices. It is incredibly easy to use, with a simple one-click connection. The app offers a free trial time and bandwidth, which are both unlimited. 

Why use SuperVPN

People use virtual private networks for numerous reasons. One primary reason is privacy concerns. This is particularly true for those who use public internet hotspots—such as coffee shops or waiting rooms in doctors’ offices.

Another common reason is that specific websites may be blocked in certain countries and SuperVPN can help you access those websites by letting you change your region. 


With this software, you can easily unblock websites that your country has blocked. This secure app boasts a high server speed, ensuring the utmost comfort with your internet browsing. It also keeps you safe from third-party tracking for some excellent privacy protection making your internet traffic completely encrypted.

What’s great about this free VPN is that you don’t need to register for an account, or edit any settings. Simply download, install and run the program—it’s as simple as that. 

If you’re interested in looking at other VPNs, we’ve written an article on the best VPNs for Android. You can also try X-VPN and Hotspot Shield.

App information

To run the VPN client, you’ll need a cellular device running Android 4.1 or greater. Additionally, as it was published in late 2020, the app will have future updates and the developer will identify new bugs. SuperVPN is ideally used after disabling battery optimization on your phone.

Our take

It’s not common to find a VPN that offers full-service for free. You’ll be able to use this app for as long as you want to and as much as you want to—with no limitations. It’s perfect for those of us with either region lock or privacy concerns.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you need a good VPN, SuperVPN is an excellent choice. The only downside is that the app has too many ads. 


  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Unblock websites by changing regions


  • Too many ads

Program available in other languages

SuperVPN Free VPN Clientfor Android


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